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Many Things

Welcome to my dream book

I'm interested in the understanding of dreams and working with them so this collection pretty much is on going and consists of things to know and things to ponder as well as my own dream dictionary. It may prove uncommon, for one I have been largely dissatisfied with the common/conventional interpretations of dream meanings over the years. Many times they are not informative enough or much too focused on negatives or in many cases in my own opinion, just not accurate in correspondence to what my own dreams relate and beliefs are. I'm just starting small and left out definitions and things I'm just not sure of. I'll work up from there and add more later.

I'm not in a practice of interpreting other peoples dreams. I wrote this for myself, and now I'm sharing it. I have no other reason. It made me feel much better and perchance someone will share with me too. This is a Dream Book, in the twilights of things. A place between realities and imagination. I wouldn't say it's cut in stone.

I'd also like to note that the interpretations I have are not *tell all* but hopefully will provide enough to send one on a journey of their own understanding of that particular thing or another.

It is kind of a taboo where I come from to let just anyone know what your dreams are, as someone put it to me one time, you wouldn't just open your shirt and bear your breasts in public. I myself kind of go with feel about that. If I feel it should be private I will not tell the dream itself but perhaps blend it into a story. I still have a few I feel it is okay to share.

As a rule of thumb, according to my own dreams there are special, intimate things meant only for the one this meaning was given to and to tell others releases strength from it. For example I would not tell anyone, especially online, the name of a dream guide, the lyrics of a particularly special chant or dream disciplined moves, gestures, symbols, ceremonies ect meant to be evasions or protections from dangers unless these were things the dreams or guides were indicating as meant to be shared to others or even, are stronger in sharing with others.

Things are going to get metaphysical and spiritual in here, what those wisdoms are and my own assessment of those but hopefully I'll handle that well. My general notion of organizing my dream book was to carry it through an entire journey so there is much on the structure of mind, body and spirit before actually getting to the matter of the dream dictionary itself. There are things to understand, things that can be done to improve the dream time and big ole guesses and interesting things I've wondered and noticed along this way.

At any rate I hope you enjoy or it helps or you get a notion to make one of your own and if you have anything to share you can email me. You might notice a fairly big mix and variety of teachings and learnings. It is the universal truths that are sound and I was raised in a big diversity so it probably fits but you won't be seeing here any cultures ceremonies to perform as I believe the mixing of any of those is detrimental to their cultural truth. Just about the only ones I would think were aproving of in such a manner would be the ones for meditation techniques and the cleansing and peace of self and home in accordance to their specific requirements and respect.

Please, do not do something like get a Native American Dream Catcher and try to put Wiccan spells on it, as one example I've heard before of this disrespect I mean. It would not only be a disgrace upon yourself but your intention, good or otherwise, could cause more harm than any good. Any appropriately made Native American Dream Catcher will work like it's supposed to.

In likewise to my site not providing how to do any sacred ceremonies I have not linked, as humanly possible, to sites that do or to sites that offer healing, readings or ceremonies for sale.

I welcome every belief and perspective of all people to read my dream book. I have tried my durndest to hold respect for all. I do not pretend to know anything. I only ask that you respect each other.

I have a number of links below to help your own quests and there are more throughout the pages. If any interest you, you can browse through the whole sites of these pages for even more. I've tried to find good ones with real information, interesting concepts and little if nothing offensive. I think education is good, and understanding other peoples and what not is good and that is the largest influence here.

Xena: "Sometimes a dream is just a dream."

Here are some books at reference. It does not nessicarily mean I believe everything they say but you could look them up to have an interesting read. The biggest reason I reference these books to you is because everyone has to start somewhere. For myself I was never satisfied with animal meanings to dreams because they are so much more to me. Also, I suppose if I were a Wiccan you would see a big lean towards Wiccan books or if I were a devout Buddist and so on like that, so I would also reccomend your own book researching be something like that too.
Agartha: A Journey to the Stars
Meredith Lady Young
Anatomy of the Spirit
Caroline Myss Ph.D.
A Dictionary of Dreams
Eric Ackroyd
Animal Speak
Ted Andrews
The Dreamers Dictionary
Sady Stearn Robinson
& Tom Gorbett
Dreaming with the Wheel
SunBear, Wabun Wind and Shawnodese
Mary Summer Rain
The Encyclopedia of Dreams
Rosemary Ellen Guiley
The Hidden Power of Dreams
Denise Linn
The Secret Language of Signs
Denis Linn
Sacred Space
Denis Linn
Spirits of the Earth
Bobby Lake Thom
The 13 Origional Clan Mothers
Jamie Sams
Brad Steiger

And here are a various assortment of links I've found online for other dictionaries and some other items of interest.

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Totem Animal Medicine

Dreamersworld: Totems

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