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Season, Cycle and Directions

The Tides of the Sea
If possible try to learn and notice what your own cycles are. Just as there are phases of the moon and its affects on the earth and the way seasons change, a human being lives in this cycle and will have cycles of low to high peaks of energy, activity and mood. As a spiritual entity the human being is like a plant that must be nourished in order to grow or bloom and this can't be done over night any more than an acorn can become a great oak in one day. It has to grow to understand, weather and bend with the winds. Most people don't seem to take into account noticing their own seasons to weather and balance with the tides of the self and the tides of the earth. To bend and sway like the tree in the wind, Chickabee, or flow like the waters around a boulder in the middle of the river rather than try to push the boulder out of the way.

Our energies are constantly drawing in and out with the ebb and flow of tides, mind body and spirit. Blockages cause the turbulence, the stormier weathers and whirl pools.


Seasons and Directions

Please note the example of the Medicine Wheel here is from the Lakota Nation and that there are other nations who have different animals and sometimes colors to their Medicine Wheel. This is just the one I've come to understand.

Spring. East. Morning, Rising Sun/Falling Moon. Yellow
Beginning, rebirth, re growth, rejuvenation, starting cycle

Summer. South. Noon, Zenith Sun. Red
Cycle energy peak, youth, vitality, strength, passion

Fall. West. Evening, Setting Sun/Rising Moon. Black
Maturity, harvest, closing cycle, wisdom

Winter. North. Night, Zenith Moon. White
Ending cycle, Elder, storytelling, resting time, sister moons, feminine aspect, peace, tranquility, purifying.
White Buffalo


In Dreams

Cycles and energies will be denoted in our dreams. During the peak times of certain energies, dreams will be the most intense about these areas.

The Cycles of the Moon: The Astrological
We are affected by the cycles of the moon. The full moon is the peak of this cycle and is a time of rapid growth for plants, energy is abundant and in high activity. This will also affect a person in much the same way, perhaps one notices they have more mental or emotional peak at this time. It is well known luna-tics are particularly hyper and active in this time but which doesn't exclude the fairly sane from some kind of affect. Astrology carries such energies even deeper and broader scale into the constellations, astrological sign and the cycles of the sun. There are also Medicine Wheels brought into this broad and depth scope but I'll only be covering very basics here, 'bout all I can handle either yet.

The Menstrual Cycle
A woman's menstrual is the peak of her energy cycle. This is a time where the woman's inner power can be draining of others and this is one of the main reasons why a woman on her Moon Time will be asked not to participate in sacred ceremonies. This is most likely also the reason biblical times would call the woman ritually unclean. In a woman's Moon Time, this is supposed to be a time for her to sit back from participations and gather privacy. Among many Native American nations this was the reason for the Moon Lodge, which can be found re-gathering an active presence in some communities where women use it to re-strengthen the bonds, memories and ways of womanhood. Dreams of the menstrual cycle commonly include animals such as birds, often consuming another creature or with nests and eggs.

Spiritual Awakening
I've been at the peak of this cycle a few times and for years I didn't know what the hell was happening to me. I didn't think I'd ever understand. Other terms I like for this is Spiritual Madness and Dark Night of the Soul. In the peak of this cycle is a time of spiritual rapid growth. It is like a flower almost violently coming into bloom from its bud. Many kinds of things occur to a person such as enlightenments. If there are things like suppressions in the way, they are like weak spots where in this time they just break open and everything goes spilling out and scattering everywhere. This can be a time of great vision and realization and it can be in the same turn a time of great turmoil and confusion. Those times people "fall apart" or have "a break down" can most likely be this spiritual peak where rapid growth is taking place.

Emotional Disorder
Many disorders also have their own cycles with an apex peak such as depression, manic-depressive, post traumatic syndrome, personality disorders, schizophrenia, just to name some of the worst case of suppressions and overwhelming emotions. The more aware you are of these cycles, self and the troubles going on in there it can become much easier to maintain a balance and regain some control by preparation and awareness when things have gone flying out the window. The more you know when a peak is going to come full circle and prepare perhaps with techniques of meditation and spiritual practice to balance and harmonize the less they will be so potent and the more infrequent they will become.

I began trying this as a teen when I was having allot of chaos with my own emotional problems years before I found out I have post traumatic syndrome and it did help. I have allot more center and balance now than I did then. I'm still working on what are good ways to relieve suppressions and intense emotions like anxiety, still have some problems, little big problems, but a very big huge chunk of that chaos I had as a teen is gone.