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Colors seem to have a very wide variety of meanings to interpretation sometimes but they do play quite a role in the added seasonings to the soup of a dream. The color of anything should be denoted in order to play its role in gathering the meanings. All the colors correspond to healing in one form or another.

The darker colors will hold the deeper things where is held potentially potent emotions along the lines of depression, negative feelings. In the same turn, the duller or more 'sickly' a color is the more it denotes negative, murky, some illness or depressed state in decay. The lighter the color the more it will tend to represent newness, rejuvenation and vitality.

Light and Shadow

Light in dreams most commonly means the spiritual connection. It can denote a clear mind, perception, truth or insight. Bright shining light seems to mean moving towards higher understanding and hope. Rejuvenation, revelation. It is also normally the very first account people who have had near death experiences give. Light permeates darkness and can be a form of journey. Light can also represent that your present mood and outlook is very positive, which will bring good things to you.

Maybe refer to Levels of Being in Dreams also for the shadow self. The shadow self is a keeper of things, like suppressions, forgotten negatives and unwanted emotions like fear, things that should be brought to light and released to start feeling better.

Clear/Crystalline and Murky
Clearness ranging into murky is a representation of the clarity of mood, heart and mind. You could almost say it's like a mood ring. The ability to 'see' or if ones vision and reception has become clouded. Usually best denoted when the dream is pertaining to the clarity or murkiness of water. As the surroundings it would then be more relevant towards determining light and shadow.

The more murky something is the more a need for cleansing and refreshing positive aspect. You're carrying some baggage. The clearer or more crystalline and pristine, the more your alignment here in mind, body and spirit, has positive outlook. Spiritually you are in one fine mood and open, receptive or receiving to the divine communication. Murky, you're feeling a bit down and potentially there is illness.

The example of  the Medicine Wheel used here is the one from the Lakota Nation. There are other nations who have different animals and sometimes different colors represent in their Medicine Wheel. I don't know them all, this is the one I'm most familiar with. I do not know what all animals correspond to what all colors and some of the ones I've added here had medicine teachings that helped me according to color's meaning.

Black and Dark
The darkness is subconscious. It is a most complete neutrality, sometimes a form of protection. It is Great Mystery, The void. Aspect of Goddess. Raven or Crow Medicine. To bring things from the darkness to light.

Within deep depression is the dark and this is can be like a journey into Great Mystery, to find the self, to understand things about spirit. In the dark sometimes can be the best places we find our light. Dark is not evil but it is an excellent absorber. It is also the color of the West in accordance to the Medicine Wheel, which represents maturity and the fall season. Times of preparation and closing. Bear Medicine.

The profound. Peacefulness and tranquility. Spiritual. Openness. Sky and waters, icebergs are blue. Cool. Creativity, clarity and truth. Light blue to darkest blue. The mystical, universe and mystery. Turquoise. Masculine and Feminine aspects.

Blue can also represent sorrow, 'feeling blue?' but this could very possibly be something in the area of dealing with profoundness if it burdens or harbors sorrow. Peacefulness can give way to dealing with a deeper, more underlying emotion like sadness, nothing else is in the way to not feel it. In this instance blue is the chance to address such emotions. Frog Medicine. Most possibly Blue Jay and Bluebird is a good Medicine Guide here. Dolphin and Seal could be as well.

An earth color, the ground. The browning of leaves. Autumn. Practical. Worldliness, materialism. The negatives of brown is decay, death, denial of spirit. Perhaps meaning it is a time to reconnect with the earth, get in touch with ones spirit or draw in resources. Squirrel Medicine. The domestics, physical comfort.

To have gray hair or eyes denotes wisdom. The elders. The neutral, 'in the gray area', transition. Gray is between black and white. Seeing in grays can be more towards murkiness and shadows, depressed mood. Gray might also bring thought of silver and generic. Perhaps the most helpful medicine teachings can be of Gray Wolf, the wise Owl, twilight roaming and transitional creatures such as Butterfly. Transitional - to eventually transcend, transform, lend into a new stage, state, wisdoms.

People in the gray, most neutral, neither black nor white spend the longest period of time in the state of transition. They sometimes prove to be good mediators, taking no particular side, objectivity.

Health, growth, vitality, hope, fertility, wealth, abundance, reconciliation. The Spring. Lime green denotes renewal, rejuvenation, revitalization, coming into a little store of wealth or new growth. The negative of green is jealousy, materialism, deceit, underworld, mold, a need to balance the masculine and feminine. The dark aspect of Mother Nature, in deep, dark forest greens can more represent the deep, lush, ancient forest realm. Be wary of the underworlds, Faerie types can be your allies, and/or your hindrance. Do not let yourself become so absorbed you are swallowed in and light isn't allowed through.

Murky or sickly greens denote stagnation, moldy old rotting things like jealousy, envy and grudges, illness, death. Need for cleansing in healing, feeling the opposite of vitality, wore out and 'bogged' down. Frog Medicine may be good here as well as Turtle. What kind of green is a murky negative green can be a matter of opinion.

The youth of red. Pink was assigned to the symbolism of female because it was thought red was too powerful a color for the woman. Still, pink is a passionate, pastel color. Affection, kindness, love.

The Red Road. Fire, life, blood, passion, strength, anger, sexuality, sensuality, aggression, danger. Red corresponds with the South of the Medicine Wheel, summer, youth, Coyote.

Enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, stimulation, liveliness and sociability, passion. To see a dream in orange, like a photo-negative or like orange of evenings and rainbows may be an indication of future/past, fall/harvest/autumn.

Royalty, nobility, power, luxury, ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. Spiritual wisdom and psychic perception.

Sacred, purity, the color of North in accordance to the Medicine Wheel. White Buffalo. The elders. Winter. Closing time before rebirth. Hope. Dignity, cleanliness, perfection, awareness.

The moon, purity, justice. The femunine. Magical, mystical.

Healing, joy, happiness, intellect, wisdom, communication. Yellow corresponds with the East of the Medicine Wheel, spring. Rising sun. Eagle.

The sun. The masculine. Illumination, wealth, richness.

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