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Levels of Being in Dreams

Okay, this is probably purely my own thing here on this page. I use it more as a guideline than anything else, it has occasionally helped me interpret something in a dream. Like most things I learn, there it is on some book shelf only after I figured it out or learned it for myself or even through dreams. I think this time though you could call this a sort of stepping stone towards learning more about the human self because it does help in understanding ones dreams. In the beginning, somewhere in the early 90's, late 80's, I used this formation to begin a long road about balance, centering and getting things like heavy debris to wash ashore. It has changed allot since then but basically stayed the same too.

There are two forms here:

The first form are plains of mind, body and spirit and you can imagine it as circles within circles which goes as physical, mental, emotional, sexual and the inner most circle being the spiritual.

The second form is of the psyche or our forms of self (in no specific order) going as: Fore self, back self, the warrior, child, angel, shadow, feral, android, masculine, feminine.


The First Form

Physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual. Imagine these are like circles of plains with one inside the other, physical being the outer-most and spiritual being the inner-most.

To say that all dreams have a basis in sexuality, I feel is not entirely accurate, nor really very fair to the rest of a self. Dreams are as diverse as the being within as much as the elements one interacts with every day. So let's say, just for the sake of argument, there are these five plains that dreams have basis in, or rather, a foundation of motivations for dreaming of the self awareness, integral energies, emotions, states and what condition they are in according to how the dream is representing these things. (You'll be seeing some repeats here too.)

The Plains
Let's say, for the sake of argument, these plains or circles are like a bubble with an outlining ring around the outside from the circumference. Before the physical there is another ring, extending about arms length and usually known as one's own comfort zone. Next is another extending the length of a house, third extends one as big as a foot ball field, the next one extends the length of horizon to horizon and beyond it is another extending out into space to include the moon, stars and constellations. This at basics, is the extensions of our awareness and reception if the human being were an antennae or for causes and effects, influences, phases and forces.

The physical circle is the body itself with the inclusion of the senses of taste, touch, hear, smell and see. It is a receiver and the tangible manifestation of our ability to interact with the rest of the world beyond, the rest of the outer circles, making it also our most tangible way to interact and react.

On a dream level, if we were wading into the ocean, this plain would be within the shallow waters. It would be like a seal capable of diving into the waters and roaming on the beach. It would be the area of host between outer world, perception of it and concept of self, by perception. It would be ones ground of earth.

The mental plane is, if the physical were an antennae, the station, processing, analyzing, evaluating, storing and possibly balancing. The mental is with the inclusion of the mid waters if we were wading in, along the breaker reefs where the tides are still very many strong pulls and pushes. It would be like the crab trying to clean things up and be fairly functional. It would be ones beach front if physical were earth.

The emotional plain would be more into being the forces of tide itself with its pulls and pushes. Ideally it would be like a dolphin with the physical and mental integral to a whole response, evaluation and interaction. In dreams it is most likely to take shapes of elements, particularly water, and weathers like fire and tornadoes or representations of forms of energy and color. Flight, diving and running begins.

Drifting on one would begin to find deeper, more prestine and sublime waters, becoming very deep and very still. It could be like the whale song where more profound forces integral with physical, mental, emotional don't come from beyond physical, but from beyond spiritual within, like tones and vibrations rather than tidal forces. Flight is drawing to the soars and distances.

In this plain the waters have indeed become the deepest and most still. Physical and mental are surpassed like coming into an embryotic state, breathing outward to the emotional and sexual and taking in breath from the umbilical cord to higher divine. In the same accordance the physical, mental, emotional and sexual take in breath to the spiritual, and breath out into the waking world.

In a realm of things the spiritual would sit like a bud on a flower stem, awaiting these things and influences for its folding into buds and blooming. Nourishment, light and soil determining if these will be good awakenings or if the flower shall wither on the stem or in a better sense, crack. Flight is like the rise of the sun or the path of the moon and the heart beat is center. The most significant symbol is the circle and the first tone is to give birth. A next breech would be the void.


Second Form: Psyche

The second form is of the psyche, or forms that your self can be divided into or take shapes in. The more you are able to discern what is your self in dreams the more meaning you can get from them and be able to determine others that were not pertaining to as meaning your self in another form. These are also some basic shapes your dream guides and totems can take of and sometimes do but it doesn't include all of them.

Fore Self: The Social Mask
In dreams the social mask is in the lines about how you represent yourself and what you think/feel about that, your social endeavor and terms of success and luck. This is the side of one's self they represent to the rest of the world. This mask self is creative, social, something of a business man and representative.

Some of the representations of this self in dreams are things like: masks, performances, creating, actors and public situations.

We all naturally hold this mask as a means of our social communication for discretion as much as protection and caution, trying to put that best foot forward, make a good impression or not leap before looking.

The dark side of this mask is ones social fears, dislocation, disassociation, to shell away and the anti-social. This dark side of the social mask in dreams are denoted as things that can be dehabilitating, humiliating or anti-social such as that ever so classic flying naked through the school halls or some of the forms of dreaming one is paralyzed and can't evade danger. The negative side of the mask is of those who use deceit for criminal, anti-social and negative behaviors to prey upon other people.

Back Self: Self Identity
This is our largest sense of self, of who we perceive/feel that we are. That one who never quite fits that image looking back in the bathroom mirror. Most times in dreams this is the form of dreaming of interacting as self, rather than seeing ones self in the dream and observing. Back self is fairly a now of things, the very present, present sense of "I" integral with the use of all five senses.

The animal totem here would be one's own personal animal spirit though for one to dream of this animal spirit in this sense of self without it being an observation of self is exceptionally rare and would have more to do with the shapeshifters. Other symbolism for back self can be the mouse who pays attention to all the little details and house, which one can be brought to attention the cleansed state of their home, also forests or other such immediate land scape and means of travel in dream state. But mainly things in dreams pertaining to the back self will be what is immediate and self perception.

The Masculine
Masculine is the patriarchal. His form contains such as knowledge, judgement, justice and agression. He is represented as father, brother, son, the boy, cousin, creator. He is most commonly associated to the sun, the sky, the sexual symbolisms for phallus and the colors gold and blue. Among some of his animals are lion forms, ram, the dog and the bull.

The Feminine
Feminine is matriarchal. Her form contains such as emotion, the unconditional, wisdom and patience, largely also within the passive. She is represented as mother, sister, daughter, the girl, cousin, creation. She is most commonly associated to the earth, moon, the constellations, the sexual symbolisms for breasts, womb and birth and the colors red, pink and black. Among some of her animal forms are the wolf, panther, buffalo, owl, raven and the turtle.

The Warrior
The warrior, by its truest meaning, is the one who is capable of facing the inside, looking into inner self and spirit without judgement and with bravery, and while there embrace truth and sweep away any demons and fears. The warriors closest unity among the forms of self is the child, enacting as guardian, keeper, protector. Warrior is the hero, the disciplined carrier of the shield, lance and/or sword. In union with the feral of the aspects, the warrior becomes a ranger with bow and track. The warrior is a hunter, soldier and seeker with such totems as owl, bear, wolf and horse. The warrior not only understands the art of war but also walks with the art of peace, ever working at honing with the disciplines and gazing into the mirror of truth and fears without flinching.

The Child
The child self has gained some popularity over the years, getting in touch with the inner child. In healthy forms the child self is like a Taoist. The child self contains wonder, vitality, rejuvenation and new beginning where endings have come to fold. The child can also have the directions, South and East. They are most in tune with nature and many totems and mud pies. Some of the child's totems include the otter, raccoon, butterfly and dragonfly and some of their colors are pink, lime green and pastels. The dark side of the child would pertain to degressions and long term supressions. Areas where cleansing and/or healing are needed to allow growth.

The Angel
The Angel is the higher attainment aspect of the self, the devouted faithful, loyalty, trust and the senses of self righteousness and sacredness as well as spiritual humility and humbleness. Forms of the angel can take of the ancestor, shaman, monk, priest, saints, angels or human forms of a higher state or completion though it will be in a representation of potential-form and possibly rare. Animal totems include deer and lynx. Some other symbolisms for the angel self is acorn, kite and possibly feather.

The Shadow
The shadow self is a harbenger of one's own dark side, supressions, fears and debris. If you have a closet full of bones they'll remind you. Like something sitting in the back of a closet without use, they become musty and yellowish and just take up space. In shadow self's most constructive form one is given this little reminder to "clean the closet" with as little trauma as possible but enough to ring bells that one cannot just supress, hide - shadow, and expect it to go away without release. The shadow self can be represented in nocturnal totems and even in disliked/feared creatures but helpful totems in dream guidance can be the owl, lynx, lizard and bear among others.

The Feral: Animal Spirit
Lycanthrope: the feral can be best represented in ones own personal animal spirit. The feral is the little Mowgli of the Jungle Book within. They are the tie between self and nature, the forest child, they also tie to the ancestral and tribal. Idealy they are the harmony and balance, the grounder between self and earth/nature and mother/goddess. They can speak in universal language and have little tie towards materialism.

One of their best symbolisms would be the tree and all that it intails. Human forms of the feral would take shape as ancestor, shaman, ranger, cave man, fae, mountain man or even faerie types like pooka's and mysticals. The dark side of the feral would be digression, violent emotions and base, addicting desires that never quelch a thirst for them. In dreams these would be denotions of a need to let go of this in order to cleanse these areas to allow greatly needed growth and light.

The Jester: Trixter
Some common animal totems of the jester are trixter animals themselves such as coyote, crow and monkey. The trixter is a very useful teacher who keeps us stumbeling over ourselves, trying to show us how to laugh while we're being foolish enough to fall for something. The dark side of the jester can be the mad hatter of twisted sorts and is a good sign it's high time one grounded and put their feet back on the earth, as well as perhaps denote deeper emotions/traumas are being evaded with happy, happy, joy, joy.

The Android
I'm sure there's other names for this aspect but I don't have them. I vaugely read at some point about an autistic boy who was so dislocated he would plug himself in at lunch to eat because he was a robot and this was his time to refuel. When I was in school I had this android and its how I got myself to walk down the halls or put my own tray up in the lunch room. It's actually a root towards me trying to understand human identity, psyche and persona and how important is it really, for one to have self identity ..?

The opinion there varies, some are very sure and very sound with the case of human singular identity fore this is part of developing a good self esteem and awareness of self. Others who have personalities and are very sure and sound with that because it gives them a broader social flexibility and quickness to adapt. There are yet others who say this is all part of the ego and ego should be shed for sure and sound reception of the spiritual enlightenment.

The android self would be really kind of Vulcan about the whole rambeling affair but is not nessicarily mechanical or autistic. This is an aspect of self that chooses nothing over the later, does not compute, accept all three. There's nothing to wear to the party, does not compute, go naked. The android self is a philosopher. It can be rather scientific aproaching too.

When there is too much of something, like an emotional over load, it will choose nothing, the lights go off and suddenly you just can't feel anything. It ranges into cope, simplicity and stillness which can also mean in the same turn, frozen.

Animal totems for the android self can be butterfly and dragonfly. Other representations of the android in dreams can include a unity to child self as some form of 'special' like autistic, prodigy or a "The One" like the potentials performing strange arts like bending spoons in the first Matrix movie.

Android best represents aspiration, aspect and a need for reconnection, sense of balance, grounding, harmony and rest as well as a need for a sense of control in extreme turmoil. The dark side of android would be the inability to feel, love, compation or remorse and in the other hand extreme dislocation, autisim and/or catotaunia.