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Numbers and Shapes

Numbers represent symbols of growth and development, psyche and cycle.

Zero: Circle, Egg
Goddess. Timelessness, super-conscious, eternity, absolute freedom. Completeness, wholeness. From the void the first formation became the circle. Opposite: running around in circles?

A hermaphordic number. Ego. Solitude, leadership, originality, progress, creativity. The source. The mystic center.

Two: Yin and Yang
A dual number. Wisdom, self conscious, diversity, partnership. Dynamic attraction. Twin. Beginning and End. Putting others before yourself. The emergence of something from the darkness into consciousness. A spiritual indication. The first thing a cell or the woman's egg does in conception is begin to split to make two. Opposite: betwixt.

I have occasionally denoted the symbolisim of two and twins as a representation in dreams of another as gone astral, out-of-body, in expressions of some sort of peril. In one instance I had a dream of a cat trying to come to me in my front yard but before it could get close enough it became wounded and then divided and before I could try to help in some way it was gone and someone or the cat, or the two cats I have already was telling me nothing could be done. About a day later I learned from my sister-in-law she had found a stray kitten on her doorstep and was going to bring it to me but her dogs had killed it. I believe the dual 2 has something to do with that separation of body from spirit either in death, near death or going out of body or all three. The first time I ever noted this was when a friend of mine who could astral travel was ambushed in that realm and I dreamed of it while it was happening. I saw him as a pair of twin, black gerbils suffering from no obvious wounds. (This is one big reason I have no intentions of trying to learn how to astral travel on purpose.)

Three: Triangle
The trinity. Triad, trine, thrice. Life, vitality, inner strength, creative power. Moving forward. Beginning, middle and end. Past, present and future. Mind, body and spirit. Three wishes, three's a charm, comes in threes. Stepping stone towards four.

Four: Square, Cross, Medicine Wheel
Wholeness, completion, security, foundation. The completion of a spiritual evolution. Conscious totality. Four corners of the earth, four elements. Hard work, toil, tangible achievement, productivity, organization, unity. Self discipline through work and service. Ladybug.

Five: Pentagram
Feeling free. Equilibrium. Active, physical, impulsive, energetic, changing, adventurous, resourceful. Five senses, four elements plus a fifth, ether.

Six: Hexad, Hexagram, Star of David
Equilibrium, harmony, health, time. Creation, marriage, generation, evolution, beauty, balance. Self-harmony, compassion, love, service, social responsibility, the arts, generosity, concern, caring.

Mystical. Sacred. Inner life and inner wisdom. The seven charkas, seven directions (north, south, east, west, up and down). Birth and rebirth, religious strength, sacred vows, the path of solitude, analysis and contemplation. Macrocosm, divinity. The sum of three and four. Magical, spiritual, healing powers. Illumination, intuition. The search for wisdom.

Eight: Octagon, Spiral, Braid, Eight Spokes of the Wheel
Higher order of four. Regeneration, achievement. Eternity. Infinity. Evolution, growth, flexibility, illumination. Material prosperity, self power, cosmic, consciousness, authority, leadership, reward. Spider. Snake.

Higher order of three. Humanitarian, selflessness. Dedication of your life to others. Completion and endings. Universal compassion, tolerance and wisdom. On cloud nine.

Ten: Tree of Life
Perfection. A return to origins.

Other Shapes

Limits and boundaries. Duality.

Creation. Evolution. Involution. Change. Flow.

There is a story of the spiral I've heard orally here and there. Perhaps the best example is in the model of a coil of DNA. The circle is eternal as the story goes, its energy ever flowing and when it does not connect with itself, it ever rises up and up, creating the spiral. I suspect it is the second creation from the void, evolutionary life. The spider completes its creation of a web with the spiral.

Downward spiral.

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