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Animal Parts and Items
Age Cycle
The young of animals represents much the same in pertaining to the east and the rising sun. They represent new growth, rebirth, new life, rejuvenation, a new cycle or energies that were beginning at the ending of a cycle but can rise again. Potentials. And it goes this way along the wheel through maturity to old age to death.
Death and Dying
In dreams animals can have a few different meanings according to how they died or if they were wounded and what animal it was.
The best example I can give of a wounded animal in dreams is of a woman's menstrual cycle. The wounded animal here can mean the energies that were collecting to prepare for fertility haven't had some other kind of constructive end when the moon time has come, so it's like these energies are being killed. A more constructive release of these energies would be to do something very creative during the moon time like arts and crafts. These dreams often come before the menstrual cycle even starts, so can be a good indicater to start moving these 'signs' into creative energy and in a sense 'give birth' to something else.


Number of points. Strength, vitality, endurance. Regeneration, new growth. Life and death. Connection to the Higher Spirit, Mother Earth and Tree of Life.

Antler Velvet
Aphrodisiac. Sexuality. Sensitivity. New growth in the spring.

Bird Nest
The home, refuge, warmth, safety. The weaving basket. The grounding tree. Making one's own nest. Nest egg. Flying from the nest.

Ancestry. Past. Memory and keepings. Earth grounding, connection. Structure, foundation, support. Strength/weakness. Self principles.

Bones/skeletons in the closet. Digging up bones. A dog and his bone. Bone head. Boner.

Transformation, transition. Weaving web. Collecting the resources for inner change. Dream time. Returning to the womb before rebirth into new awakening. Shedding the husk.

Pointing ears such as in animals and even Elves is attributed to the element of air and clairaudience and clairvoyance, heightened awareness. A nearness or relative to flight. It means not only the ability to hear but expressing with one's ears.
*Flat ears: indicates warnings, dislikes, troubled.
*Ears forward (perk): curiosity, alterness, keen interest, brightness and playfulness. Also the hunt.
*Ears turned back or one cockeyed: contemplative, doubtful, mild distraction.
*Ears at normal position: relaxed, resting
Zero, Oval, Circle. Wholeness, completion, fertility. Hatching. Birth.
Denote color, animal and shape. Windows to the soul. The eyes of the animal are given into a mystic quality. They can see things the human can't. In dreams seeing an animals eyes is a reflection, a window into the being. They can instill calm and the wise or be a source of unreasonable fears. Some even regard the eyes as oracles, protection and omens. Many insects will emmulate eyes in their colors to deter predators and simple eye contact with such as birds will immediate cause them to fly away. Most animal eyes are very commonly the oval shape of sharply slanting edges and the pupils can vary from cat's eyes to goat, horse, insectal or more human appearing ones. The shape and expression of the eyes will vary in meaning but will basically hold a common ground within the self towards the animal spirit, the feral self, being in communication with the mystic, earth, mind, emotion, instinct, and heightened awareness.
Of all five senses animals most commonly depend on sight last of all, while humans have a much greater common tendency to depend on it first of all.
The dagger. Strength. Survival. Protection. Warding.
The whispers of spirit. Element air. Clairvoyance. Prayer. Promise. Centering. Chi.
Feather Down
Subtle currents. Gentleness.
Fur - Hide
Warmth, shelter, crafts and clothing. The shaman's robe. The shapeshifters. Type of hide and fur depends on the animal it came from but basically means grounding with the earth and connection with that animal.
The stomping of the hoof ranges from warning, nervousness to challenge. The hoof represents connection with the earth, balance and movement. It's also used as a resource for glue and congeals like jello.
The single point. Masculine. Phallus. Sound. Abundance. Strength and prosperity.
Saddle horn. Toot your own horn. The horn resounding. Gabriel come blow your horn. Take the bull by the horns. Horny.

Power, prestige, wealth, royalty, crafts, creativity, tool.
Ivory is sometimes refered to as the white gold. Various animals have ivory tusks or horns which are made out of calcium, phosphates and a few other minerals and is considered a dentine or enamil. The name Ivory itself comes from meaning "as white as an elephants tusks".
Masculine. Verility. Sexuality.
Paw Print
Paw prints also have different meanings according to which animal they have come from. The bear print symbolizes dream time, power, direction. The wolf, tracking and movement.
Usually in dreams the print means the hidden, things wich are illuded to, to bring something into the awareness. The path crossed.
Emotions. Either to shell away or shell as a means of protection and defense.
Most shells where ever you go have unusual simularities to the ear. Like a snail shell and the spiraling ones look like an inner ear canal or the smooth outer shell looks like the outside of an ear and with some like the conch you can make a horn or those like the abalone shell you can make a smudge bowl. Shells were used before beads ever came along, they create the sands of the beaches and are used for glue's and resources of calcium.
Spiders Opus
The creation. The great idea. The inspiration. Spiders cocoon their eggs into this opus which is an oval shape and the most precious thing to the spider for the last of her life span. Then the spiderlings hatch and come out in their multitudes to find new places to inhabit.
Spiders Web
Weaving. Creation, creative. Foundation, structure. The web of life. The fibers of being.
Emotion. A 'safe' or pleutonic sexual extention. Balance, dexterity.
The use of pain as a warning to potential predators. It is also used to bring down prey much easier. In dreams venom can represent the 'semen' of the forces of creation and destruction. The poisons of venom can both heal or kill.
Inject. Hypodermic. Envenom. Inseminate. Ejaculate.

Antler Velvet

The Bone People

Elephant Ivory