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The things we use come from the creative and inventive parts of our mind and the energy and spirit that flows into the creation with our hands comes from the endless source, from tools to painting, weaving and carving to architecture. In the very beginning of things we created tools and such with significant meaning and specific purposes. They not only served us but were made with spirit and inspired the spirit of others, and within the things we made contained those energies. We've used our things to go as far as manifest or inspire the presence of sacred beings or contain certain energies. The items created by our hands bore as much meaning and significance in every part, color and material as different herbs are brought together for specific different types of healings and cleansings. This was because all things were understood from the stones, clays, plants and animals that provided the materials to the ecology, astrology and from mind, body and spirit to the family, ancestral wisdoms, stories and keepings passed down the generations. Often our inventions and creations have also come from dreams and then brought to life into the waking world by our hands.
Since that time the material world has exploited everything and taken the meanings and natural components out of many creations, only interested in who will buy the product. Despite this problem our dreams still represent to us all the things we've made with our hands for different meanings from numbers and shapes, arts and craft, weapons and shields to homes and invention.


Strength, grounded, attachment, security, stability. An anchor is dropped to literally drag across the bottom of the ocean to bring a ship into a stop. The most well known symbol of the anchor is the old timey curved, arrow shape, commonly with a crossing bar in the mid center before the top bar. Some jewelry has the anchor with the crucifix depicted as the mid center. Most anchors today look like hooks and shovels.

Reception, tuning in. Transmitting. Sensitivity. Perception

Shell. Defense. Vulnerability.

The straight and true. Pointing. Focus and release. Swiftness, alertness and accuracy. Wounding.

New journeys ahead. The need to leave present situations. In opposite: toting baggage around, need for emotional release.
Ball - Sphere
Egg, circle, orb. Matter, atom, planetoid. Play, teamwork, sport. Business. Testicles, ovaries, eyes, head. Container, conductor, absorption, a subject of unified, unifying or unification of energy, focusing and releasing it. All forms of spherical have a different field of energy as there is the difference between football, volleyball to marbles, crystal balls and pure energy like ball lightning. Often the spherical represents wisdom, insight, power that contains and releases as a focused subject, verility, motion, drive, fertility, the fertile mind, creativity, the encompassed whole. The opus. The oracle. The spherical derives from earth, air, water, fire and ether. Such as a balloon or sports ball is earth and air. In majority the spherical represents different aspects to mind, body and spirit.
The majority of ball games played today derived from warriors on the battle field who would take the heads of the defeated enemies and play with them, most popularly attributed to football, cricket and polo.
Ball park, ball rolling, dropped the ball, got the balls, play ball, ball of yarn/wax, eyes on the ball, brass balls. Eight ball.

The color of the balloon can denote present emotional state. Declining balloons denote descending emotions, hopes, fustration, the flower is wilting on the stem. Feeling disconnected. Desire to fulfill spiritual need. Inner child. Festival. Commencement. Ego.
Full of hot air. Going to pop. Burst one's bubble. Inflating. Hot air balloon. Weather balloon.
Attempting to heal inner wounds, hiding them from others. Vulnerability.
Banner - Flag
The standard. Proclamation of belief, origin, orientation or nation. A statement, devotion.
Basket - Woven
8, web, weaving, tapestry. Collecting and gathering. The woven fibers of being. Creativity, resourcefulness and burdens.
Eggs in a basket. Basket case.
Battery - Energy
Life energy. Health and vitality, the energy and enthusiasm to do things. It can also represent itself as the incantations of the sorcerer, "powering up". Getting the engine started. Emotionally exhausted.
Charged. Drained. Battered. Juice.
Bell - Chime
Clarity. Summoning. Celebration - meditation. Anxiety - calming. Caution, the warning bell.
For whom the bell tolls. Three rings of the bell. Warning bell. Clear as a bell. My bell. Bats in the belfry. Bell tone. Church bell. Belly.

can be symbolisms of wealth, treasure, richness, wisdom, knowledge, protection, grounding and even vanity, anxiety, desires and social decor. In the ancient times up to many tribes today body manipulations such as wearing a bone through the nose or a small round plate hanging off the bottom lip were ways started mostly by the women of the tribes, to keep slave hunters from being interested in kidnapping them into the slave trade. Like many ancient tools, weapons and tattooing, they have also become statements of beauty, sexuality and social order. All different wear have different, specific meanings, origin and cultural identification. In dreams consider which body part the jewelry is being worn on or how it is associating to you such as if you are looking for it or it's one of your own little treasures.

Spiritual soaring. Greatest hopes. Grounded with earth and connecting to the sky. Child self freedom. During my mothers illness with cancer I had several numbers of dreams where I saw the prayers coming and going for her were like kites.

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