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Energies in Dreams

All things are made of energy. We're aware of allot of different energies but there are still yet others that aren't detectable any more than one can hear the high pitches of a bat, the low ground gutterals of the elephant or share in the keen sense of smell as the dog, or even see in keen colors like heat sensory of the snake or ultra violets like the bee. Still, all these energies are receptive by the human being like an antennae or like a tuning fork or like a quartz crystal. Sometimes or among some people, one can sense some of these undetectable energies or are very sensitive to certain ones. Most of the time we call these Extra Sensory Perceptions or psichic abilities, though I believe this sensitivity is not secular, that everyone has some level of sensitivity and perception or another to different forms of energy and vibration. It may be as simple as a compation for gardening and having that 'green thumb', or how getting absorbed into the 'creative flow' comes from the infinite resource of spirit, the endless source.

In dreams all these energies take as many shapes, form, tones, vibrations and colors as there are these forces and very often ones we have filtered out or were not detectable will manifest into the dream time as well. This can also be anywhere from spiritual and self to community and environment.

Dream Form
Many forms of energy take a shape in dreams to best represent how they are understood by self. This can be anywhere from people, places and things to animals, shapes and colors. Sometimes this is where mythical appearing creatures come from or one dreams of odd mixtures like stones that glow or spider webs that are electricity. There are the occasions something in a dream is not a literal sense of its representation but a taken shape of a form of energy and/or spirit. It can be as simple as dreams particularly aimed at the energies peaking and scattering within ministration if you are a woman to a deeper sense trying to speak to you in the form of an animal or angel or ancestors.

Some of these taken shapes can be your own energies being represented as object outside of you. One of my strongest beliefs about spirit in dreams such as the guides is that these are not a connection coming from outside of me but from inside of me, from my spirit as much as communication to my spirit like being a relation to the stars or my two pet cats. The communication does not come from without, but from within in a close relationship. Not all forms within dreams are like this and do not mean a representation of myself by them but my totems and guides are this way. Some of them come from long distances or take me to far places but the relationship is still like with being a sister to a star in the sky.

Energy Causes and Affects
Also different energies and tones can affect our moods and spirit, affect our lives or even change our patterns. The easier example would be in seasons and cycles. People tend to be more depressed during the winter and more mentally active during the full moon or people who work the day shift tend to be more agressive and 'grouchy' than people who work the nightshift. Whenever someone has to transition to a new environment such as day shift/nightshift or geographically they commonly experience pattern change, sometimes with adverse affects such as feelings of culture shock, isolation and even physical illness while yet others will feel they 'came home' and denote improvements in their health and outlook. A rather interesting aspect on this is the Chinese: Feng Shui, alignment of the home to promote well being.

Energy Geography
Energies are also very different abroad spaces from geography of land and sea to a city block, a forest trail, a single stone, to ones own house. Even just one room within a household can hold very many spaces of energy pattern. You can denote the condition of your home through dreams by color, sound and occupation such as they type of people and animals you see in or around your home and how many. Do you dream of people just barging in through your front door? Is walking through the house in a dream murky and dark or pristine? These are ways to determine how 'clean' and protected your house is as a sacred space. As you walk through a room you might notice the subtle shifts between light and dark, warm or cold. Space can be determined in forms of serenity and chaos, the chaos is what most usually attracts allot of attention from 'unwelcomed spirits' such as violence or constant heated arguments in your home may take place mostly in one particular room and there's dreams of people just barging into the house all willy nilly or trying to rob it. For some reason I can also sense the energy in spaces where something violent has previously occurred.

Sacred Home, Sacred Hoop
Your home is a sacred circle. It gives you a sense of security, safety, protection, sacred space, privacy and is a form of foundation, order and grounding. Disruptions or negatives in dreams of the home mean you have need in this area, such as for cleansing or need for security, safety or even protection. Kick the chaotics out for your own well being, or ultimatley leave for new lands to rediscover you're the boss of your self. Let go completely, restore your own self impowerement and protection or the chaotics will follow you.

I seem to be particularly sesnsitive to the home. I can remember plenty of dreams I had when I met my husband and started to stay at his house where others in the family also lived. Among other things I would try to sleep and hear them arguing in the hallway when no one was really there. They had such intense arguements sometimes that there were actual astral shells of them wandering the house and messing up my dream time. Clearing things around there was some problems, especially with an invasive, dictating landlord to deal with but after resecuring the home the fights were over. My mother-in-law even found the self impowerment to get out of hiding in her room and remary. My new family had been still living in a cycle of abuse even long after the abuser was out of the picture, that cycle still remained ... you have to change those ...

Energy Life Span and Cleansing
Some energies are as fleeting as fire while others are quite strong and lingering or continuing to build up. In the home negatives can build up like its caking on the walls and this is where it becomes important to cleanse a home as much as ones own self. In dreams energies can be the same way in whatever shape they come in. Strong ones will seem so even though they can still be as fleeting in a dream as a lightning strike.


The Tao and Tai Chi

One of the philosophies I love the most is TaoTeJing or DaoDeJing where comes the understanding to Tai Chi. The Tai Chi is perhaps one of the most clarifying yet confounding wisdoms about all energy and you don't need anything but yourself. The concept of Taoistic philosophy can be difficult if not impossible to bring into the mind, yet still it is so simple pertaining to the human relationship with mind, self and energy, that most the time no one is even thinking about it at all.

Tai Chi is a form of "moving meditation" while Tai Chi Chuan is the martial art form. They are most possibly the Chinese inspiration of yoga from India as they are fundamentally founded on the spiritual well being and cleansing of the self. I've also found positive energy to do things like clean house and hold a better outlook by changing or reversing the "whirlwinds" around my body. It's kind of like polarity, where water spins a certain way going down the drain. In this case, Chi. But you can subtly "whisk" at some of these, Tai Chi, and then they're just gone and one can have a little more energy and positivity than they did starting out some morning.

Creation and Energy
Within the philosophical understanding of Tao and Yen and Yang is a very integral relationship with the human being to all that is created by energy and producing energy, or Chi. Chi itself in Chinese means "breath" or "ultimate". In Greek it is the letter X and also means "spirit". I Ching is a form of divination like rune stones based on the understandings of Tai Chi and Pa Kua.

Pa Kua
In Taoist philosophy of the Tai Chi there are two basic formations of the creation of the universe, Yen and Yang. When Yen and Yang interact (by whirling), the univers is created and has four parts. These four parts begat the next transformation of energy, the Pa Kua, which is eight entities of energy that affect the growth of humans, animals and plants.


Sound, Tone and Music

Have many sorts of meaning in dreams as there is music and one's response to it. The universe has a tone which stems from the very first creation from the void; sound. The heart of man and Earth Mother is in the sound of the drum. Our spirit responds differently to different spiritual sounds and certain music and tones can send us to spiritual places within ourselves. These vibrations are often subtle and mystical while in dreams yet others can envoke powerful forces or be as strong and nerve wracking as a thunder clap.

I once held a strange thing during a time I was hearing voices, where there was a vortex void  a few feet above my head and it made a constant, horrible sound like the passing of an airliner and very high squeaking metals like bad crashes, only it would never leave. I had some of these voices telling me how it was an example of the noise of human mind and how some people had these and could not close them. They were neusance, noisy people because of this thing and all of the negative energies that was all in it to make this horrible noise. The only way to close it was to get rid of things like rage to scream out because this was how it opened.

I do not have any credibility for that, it was just a strange time showing me strange examples to many things and putting me through all kinds of tests and trials. It was a time I was hearing all kinds of sound, tones, music and voices. Sometimes they would orchestrate into a whole ceremony that would sound almost like a night out in the country. They all each had a special voice and song or music which was their own unique voice in this - place ... but they would not give me one or let me have one. They said this was earned, not given, and then they took my voice away so that my own inner thinking voice had to be one of theirs if I could 'speak' at all. They wanted me to be as quiet as a Buddhist sitting in front of the Dali Lamma because they didn't like my mind and they didn't want me to have a mental voice of my own anymore but even when I was actually trying to obey and thinking I was doing well to silence my mind, I could hear nothing but them and there was no peace from it. Not even in going to sleep could I find silence in my self or sacred space.

We eventually ended up fighting near the end when I finally found or they finally found where they could at last corner Wolf and make her - indignant and show some fang and demand my sacred space and for respect. I have silence now though I can still hear and sense them back in my mind, they get stronger the more I try to talk about them so it is very difficult to tell of all the things I had gone through in that time.

Sound can be one of the most intimate voyages of mysticism. Sound can be very sacred, set mood, mind and even the body. Like a tuning fork. While I do think it is important to have silence in the mind, this can be achieved with meditation. It can be achieved with learning the drum or the flute in all of its whole in meaning and sound. The voices and all I was hearing each had their own special tone, voice and sound in the universe and this was how they could relate to me but they were also saying I didn't have one so I had to sit outside and not be able to join any of the reindeer games (Rudolph the red nose) and learn who knows what, before I could have one too. They said, I could never be one of them and they were not one of me. They said it allot but I have my own feelings we all have our own individual tones of our spirit in relation to the universe. The sounds we are most sensitive to by this relation can most easily soar us up high among the eagles to elate in the light of our higher power.


Charkas are based within Hindu and Buddhist spirituality and possibly origins from Tibet. I'm still learning about the charkas myself as this is indeed good wisdom and can be found in different ways among other nations and cultures. Some references among Native American can be such as the teaching example of the hollow bone, the condition of the gourd and Snake Medicine. In various examples to the body being ones temple, vessel or a vase or like a straw the charkas coincide with keeping this temple 'a clean house' and is one of my better understandings of the human spiritual anatomy on a quest of a question: How our spirit relates to/in the whole. There are some very interesting comparisons of charka knowledge as in alignment with the Kabalas, Grand Man. Charkas are something I'm still learning to understand so I'll leave it best to just reference to this chart: http://www.reiki.nu/charkas.pdf
Seventh Charka
Top of the head
Colors: violet, white, gold
Sixth Charka
Colors: indigo
Fifth Charka
Base of the throat
Colors: light blue
Fourth Charka
Upper chest - heart
Colors: green
Third Charka
Solar plexus (slightly up from navel)
Colors: yellow
Second Charka
Navel (slightly below navel before genitals)
Colors: orange
First Charka
Between genitals and anus
Colors: red
Energy Sap
It seems inevitable that our energies as a being can be depleted and drained and this can be done either intentionally or unintentionally by other people. Even online through the computer. There is a wisdom I'm still learning about from Charka that I think calls it best, little attachment cords we have with other people.
Before I heard about there actually being such a thing called these cords, arrows, hooks, I didn't know what to think of it really. I've known about being sapped of energy like this but not how. The way I could determine depletion of myself by another besides exhaustion and headaches from the uncooperative has been in my dreams when I denote symbolism like having lizards crawling on me with tad-pole mouths (suckers) or other such things that leech like parasites, leeches, ticks and various other forms that had to do with being vamped. Rule of thumb with these dreams is if you can brush them off of you it's just a pesky thing you can get off of you. If not then it's going to be a little harder to get them off.
Seeing with Owl
I believe in a worse case I had many dreams over a course of time with the help of dream guides about this creature. I had to catch this creature by spotting him which was very hard to do but the case was he had no power if I could see him but for as long as I thought he was invisible he was shadowing me and kind of a latcher like the eastern Native American legend -  Manitu, who was a little fellow who would jump on peoples backs and just stay there forever. It was a rather interesting dream journey of dream work to me and my animal guide in that time was inconsequently the owl. After that I spent a while trying to stand and face anything I feared in a dream. Tornadoes are a doozy ... and there's some little lizard people thingies who really don't like being stared at ...
At any rate I think learning more about these cord things is a good idea. So far all I know is we have them with our relations and none of them are actually good for you. The only one that's not detrimental is the one between mother and the child she gave birth to.
The best I'm aware of these cords is the times after someone in my family close to me has passed away. Especially in my parents there was that great sense of a line of connection, only now there was no one at the end of that line, that string ... that cord.
I believe the ones of highest risk at not learning about these cords and how to get them off without harming anyone else are those who council others.


Cleansing and Protection

There are meditations and other techniques regarding cleansing, releases of negative energy and shielding protection from such as depletion, undue harm and 'uninvited guests'. Among some of the more constructive practices of taking care of the spiritual self in mind, body and spirit is Tai Chi and Yoga.

Regarding the home and self there are also forms of cleansing and protection such as in the use of prayer, ceremonies, smudging, rattles, drums, candles, salt, ash, scent, music and items like having a medicine shield, prayer wall, mandellas, some Kachinas are like this and fetishes. I've also seen such a thing in the form of masks and little monsters to place in the home for the 'scaring away of evil spirits'. Other cultures also use the Evil Eye in this manner. In ancient times the cave men of Europe were found to have left the skull of a wolf facing the entrance to their dwellings. Among the Spanish you can still find those who paint all their window frames blue.

There is also the offering, to the ancestors and to the spirits, for thankfulness and/or for keeping the good things attracted and for peaceful home. Different cultures and beliefs use such as tobacco, sage, cedar, sweet grass, corn pollon, corn meal, flour, berries such as blackberries and fruits, insence and candles. When I was a child my dad used to leave a shot of whiskey on our door step at night for the Faeries.

Some forms of self protection in dreams can be, but are not limited to:
an acorn, chanting/prayer, electrical balls or webs, animal totem such as Bear, being in a sacred or safety place often surrounded by many others or rather particularly always re-occurring protectors who can be called dream guides.

I'm afraid I can't tell you what is going to work for you or if they'd be the same thing for you. The best protection I have gathered from my dream time is to be sent to serenity either by beloved surroundings and others and things or by chant and prayer. Bringing this into my waking life by sending myself into serenity before sleep I have also noticed is good about cleansing, shedding baggage and regaining some energy.

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