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Ants are related to the wasps and are all females born from one queen ant in the nest or ant hill. When it is time to make new the queen produces ants that have wings like the termites. These will fly off from the nest to mate to make new queens. These queens spend the rest of their lives producing the larva who will be the community of the mound from workers to soldiers, like the bee hive. Ants work kind of like the example of a single mind. The workers and soldiers bring the queen food and information, in turn she will produce the next larva who will grow up having adjustments or resolutions to some of this information. The workers will then bring the larva to nurseries and feed them until they join the rest of the community to play out their roles. Ants go by sent trails and are sensitive to different waves as their antennae pick up and are a form of their communication. Some other insects copy these sents or sounds to attract or fool them. Ant best represents teamwork, patience and planing ahead.

The bee hive has much the same system as the ant, with a queen who produces mostly females. The males are considered drones who don't do much of anything at all. The honey combs are filled with honey produced from pollens the bees gather from various flowers on their legs, which can also represent fertility. The queen then lays larvae into the honey combs and they will eat the honey until they are mature enough to break out of the comb. More queens are made by making a comb extra long from all the others. If more than one queen is made this way the first one to hatch out will go to the other mounds and kill the other queens inside. Bees like many other insects can see in ultra-violet rays and don't see through the spectrum of their eye lenses in many facets like a diamond cut but in a whole picture that encompasses a much broader range of vision than humans have. In some respect they can see the world around them in a far better clarity of reality than humans do.

Honey has often been referred to as the nectar of the gods and has a golden color like amber and a fiery taste. The combs they come from are made out of wax in hexads. The wax has been used for various reasons, including the making of candles. Among healing and health qualities of honey and the wax, the sting of the bee is being used in alternative therapy for inflammatory and degenerative diseases like arthritis.

Among the Egyptians the dung beetle represented re-incarnation by the way it rolls up the dung of such as elephants into a ball to place their larva. The beetle will then emerge from the ball. Beatles are also incredibly strong and durable, most of them rising out in seasons from burrows eaten through dead wood or underground, coming out in times such as spring and rains, such as the June bug.

The butterfly begins as a caterpillar who does nothing his whole life but eat. When the time comes they then begin to cocoon themselves with a fine silk they produce from their mouths. Within the cocoon they make the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. The butterfly gathers his strength from struggeling with the cocoon to emerge and blossom out its wings to dry. Once ready to fly the butterflies spend their time mating and nourishing themselves on flower nectars with their long, coiling mouths they use like straws. The butterfly flies rather pecariously but it is more durable than it looks. It opens and closes its wings which can be repesentitive of how things can seem to disapear and then reveal very beautifully.

Transformation. Awakenings.

Crickets and Grasshoppers
Crickets are an earthy brown with heads that are fairly round and almost roach like. They come out to sing at night among the choruses heard of frogs and other insects. Grasshoppers are vivarent colors such as lively greens. They have long wings and much narrower, more distincutal faces and can be found more in the day time among tall grasses. Some are actually safe and nutritional for humans to eat but mostly their songs inspire the good spirit of things. Despite the common belief that they use thier legs to "fiddle", they're using their wings to create the vibrations. In some Asian cultures it is considered good luck and healthy home to have a cricket or grasshopper inside the house. In Australia there is a sertain grasshopper that will emerge and sing just before the rains come. They also commonly emerge as among the first insects, like the galanipper, when spring is not very far away. These insects also teach about the ecology of abundance. In times of starvation some species mate more and more until there are swarms of them, often known as a pestilance.

Lime greens

The larva of a dragonfly is known as a nymph the first half of its life. The nymph lives in the water preying upon other insects such as mosquito larvae. When it is time it will crawl up a plant stem to dry out. Then from the husk the dragonfly emerges, leaving its shell behind like the cicada does.

Imagination, transformations, awakenings.

A beatle. Four. Good work. Red and Black. Circle and shields. Lady Bugs were dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Lady bugs, like the mantis are highly valued to gardeners and farmers because they eat peskier, plant eating bugs like aphids and are a focul point of much inspiration and are believed to be messengers of good fortune and harmony.

In my own first encounter with LadyBug as a totem I had a dream of two aunts I didn't know. They said they were my aunts though from my Cherokee side before I was born and handed me a medicine shield. She told me that this was the family medicine shield and that she wanted me to take care of it now. When I accepted it and looked at it, it was a mandella of a lady bug. I decided to bring this into my waking life by searching until I found me a mandella that looked like LadyBug too.

Neusances, distractions.

Praying mantis
Prayer, intention.

Eight. Creativity, weaving, center, balance. Universal connection. Opus. She holds secrets to the univers, creation and fundamental building blocks. Such as how ones foundation shouldn't be built upon like the Ifel tower, because this is only like a house of cards, but if ones foundation is like the strands of the web they can breath with the winds and sit in the center to touch all things.