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The Human Being
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The Human Being
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The Human Being

There are two perspectives to the self in dreams, interacting as the self or observing the self as standing outside. I haven't noticed either one being any less important than the other though the planes and context of the dream itself can be very different from each other.

The actor/actress in dreams means persona and can be directed to the mask self. Generally they mean things like sociability, outgoingness, creative venue, adaptability, hidden strengths, potentials and weaknesses. The muse. Performance. All the world is a stage. Don't break a leg. A cast of characters. On the negative side the actor can mean shadow and trickster, forms of deception.

Represents shadow self, warnings of danger, weaknesses, fears, anxieties and insecurity.

These dreams can be about you or your actual relatives/friends and some of the aspects of their relationship with you, or be symbolic of a universal relationship with community and spiritual, religious being. The male and female sides are aspects of your masculine or feminine side either in ego sense or spiritual sense. The masculine represents sky and sun. The feminine represents earth, the moon and stars. The meanings of your family/friends in dreams will be as different from any one elses as their relationship with such as their own mother or father.

Family and friends can bring out the best in you, or the worst but generally are your closest guardians. A family member or friend may appear in a dream simply because they are protective and provide a sense of security and safety and wouldn't let anyone else harm you. In opposites if they are taking on a villainous role or are an object of jealousy, anger, fear or insecurity they can be representing shadow self as a vent and need for recognition of these emotions.

A connection to your own heritage. The uncle can be a substitute father. Crying uncle. Monkey's uncle. Uncle Sam. Bob's your uncle.
A connection to your own heritage. Perhaps an industrious part of yourself, aspects you like or dislike. The aunt can be a substitute mother. Ant

Brotherhood. "Big brother" in slang towards federal, governmental control/spying.
Sisterhood. 13 Moons. The three sister stars.

Your cousin can be a 'next in line' representative of the brother/sister relationship. The children of aunt and uncle. Aspect that is somewhat familiar.

Feminine/masculine child aspect. Maternal bond.

Patriarchal. Paternal bond. Creator. God. Father sky. Father time.
Matriarchal. Maternal bond. Creation. Goddess. Mother earth. Mother nature.

The Elders. Time, age, wisdom, caring, storytelling, honor. Maturity.


Five Senses

All our senses can bear meaning in mind, body and spirit.

One of the higher forms of smell is sensitivity to such as detection of  some spiritual presence by an unexplainable production of smell such as whisteria, roses or lilacs. Taste and smell are very closely related and in dreams they can manifest as colors, foods and items associated to the same taste/smell from memory. 'The fruit of the gods'. Honey, nectar. Insence, frankincense and murh, sage and cedar are some of the most common direct taste/smells to the spiritual. Something as simple as a bad or good taste in your mouth can bring you dreams of smells, colors, foods, animals, places and so forth you associate to it.

In some cases the taste in your mouth can relate in dreams to physical and emotional conditions and causes. People who have fainting spells and in some cases migraines often 'smell dust' before it occurs. It is also said that bad breath can be brought on by negative thinking and low esteem. People themselves smell very different from each other by estrogen, testosterone, the use of perfumes, deodorants and some medications like menthols, breath, age, race, location, social order, work place and physical condition. Even many illnesses and infections have very distinctive smells. Some working dogs are used to 'sniff out' cancer in patience. Some working dogs also can detect when their master is about to have a seasure which could possibly be related to their keen sense of smell and sensitivity to the different changes of smell on the human body. Nature uses smell and taste for attraction and repulsion.

Opposites: He/she's like a bad taste in my mouth. Sweet as pie. Take the cake. Honey pot. What's eating at you? Something's fishy. I smell a rat. Ripe. Tastes/smells like heaven.

Some of the higher forms of touch are emphatic, the ability to sense feelings and energies, 'sympathy pain', those able to see an illness in the body and energy transfer such as empowering an empty item with energies from the self by touch, also taken in forms such as 'hands on' healing or reiki. Also some psychics with a gift of sight use touch of an item to see.

The sense of touch includes such as feeling texture, pleasure or pain and can cover a very broad scale in dreams of the physical body, including physical withdrawal/addiction. In dreams emotional states can also be represented physically such as 'weak in the knees', 'butterflies in the stomach', 'flying high', 'stabbed/shot'. Thought, emotion and the physical body are very integral to each other. If you think this, you will feel that and then your body will respond such as the pulse rate, physical tension and your gestures and facial expressions will change accordingly.

Some of the higher forms of see is clairvoyance, remote viewing, having a vision and 'having the sight'.


The higher form of hear is clairaudience.



Left and Right Brain


Body Parts
Hand Analysis and Palmestry
Achilles heel/tendon: meaning a point of weakness. Mobility.
Some word plays: uncle, anchor, inkling
Giving, receiving and care. Right, left. Reaching. Strong arm. Army. At/to arms. With open arms. Arm and hammer.
Who's got your back? Shot/stabbed in the back. Turn your back on. Back up, back off.
The woman's breasts represent the maternal, nurturing side, the womanhood within, self consciousness and awareness, sensitivity, gentleness, receiving and providing. The mothers milk is ever flowing and abundant. The mountains of the earth are regarded as Mother Earth's breasts. When a child begins to 'flower' breasts her body is beginning to produce the estrogen needed towards becoming a woman.
A wounded breast can represent injury to the womanhood.
Listen. Hear. Ear of corn. Wet behind the ears. Get your finger our of your ear. Ears are burning. Tensions, headaches. Hearing crickets can be a sign of too much information at once and/or calling of spirits. Inner ear spasms sometimes coincide with dream pyralisis where you are awake but the body won't move.
To see with clarity and truth. Window to the soul. All seeing eye. Evil Eye. Third eye. Mystic eye. Crosseyed. Wall eyed. Puppy dog eyes. In some Asian cultures a mark of beauty and royalty is the turning in of one eye towards the nose.
Index: ambition, ego, power, leadership
Middle finger: mind and super ego. Sexual.
Marriage finger: emotions, persona.
Pinky finger: communications, spirituality, libido
Thumb: will power and control
Pointing the finger. To 'give the finger' originated from Europe when a punishment for some rogues was to cut off their first two fingers so that they could not pull back a bowstring and likely kill a knight. Without a freedom of speech men would 'flip off' the authorities by producing their first to fingers at them, which later became the middle finger.
Mobility, balance, movement. Foundation. Liberation. Grounding. Keep your feet on the ground. Kissing/washing of the feet. Being in tune with the pulsation of the earth.
Spiritual strength. Vitality and life force. Virility. Thought, mind and intellect.
Creativity. The relationships around you and how you connect with the world. One's deeds and accomplishments. Eye in the hand, visionary. Lend/give a hand. Wash hands on the whole thing. Handy.
A level of support. Adaptability and flexibility. Feeling very emotional. Fear. Feelings of inadequacy and issues of power/control. Knees buckle. Kneel in worship/reverence.
Foundation. Centering. A leg away.
Lips are sensuality and sexuality. Speech. Speak up. Open/close your mouth. Big mouth. Mouth off. Consume.
Smell. An object of sexuality and racial/cultural identification. Nosy. Follow your nose. Nose in the air. Looking down your nose. Nasal.
Yang. Masculine principle. Projecting energy. Power. Potency. Fertility. Creative drive and manifestation in the physical plane.
The Phallus, phallic. Snake.
Support. Cry on my shoulder. Monkey on your shoulders. Weight of the world. Put your shoulder into it.
Spineless? Spine tingling. The spinal cord. Spinal tap.
Digest. Acceptance of what is new. Nourish.
Swallow. Voice box. Have you found your voice? Feeling strangled?
Rule of thumb. Green thumb. Thumbs up/down. Thumbing through
Balance. Dexterity. Feeling (as the fingers). Toes can possibly represent a playful aspect and skillful arts such as ballerina and kung-fu. Awareness of ones own toes is part of a life pulse in self and with nature, the ground the feet touch.
Yen. Womanness. Acceptance, openness and receptivity. The inner valley of the spirit.
The flower. The lotus. The honeycomb. Lips.
Feminine principle. Caves and dens are the womb of the earth. Nourishment, safety, protection. Pulling in of your energies before the next endeavor.