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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Vehicle Travel
The closer to the earth one is the more there is grounding and the child and feral self, from running on all fours to walking bare foot. The more material means that is used to travel represents less connection with the earth and more to the material plain from shoes to a bicycle to a car or a train. Ranging up into the sky with flying and levitation in dreams, the closer one is to the connection of spirit, breath and in the sexuality, freedom.
Being the driver or the passenger in a vehicle is about dependance and control. Driving is regarded as ones sense of self control over their own life's journey. You're at the wheel and in charge. If you're a passenger this regarded as your dependance on others. You can be too controling/dependant or be insecure about 'taking the wheel' to just having a sense of who has the lead within the given dream situation.


High ideals, spiritual ideals, striving towards higher consciousness. The airplane can also pertain to the material matters, present goals, business success, distance and travel pertaining to present to near future. The airplane can be a form of understanding for some kind of spiritual movement or means of travel. "Air-Plain". This would include traveling forms such as clouds, UFO's, kites, comets and perhaps birds in flight.

Caring for others. Rescue. Wounds, bandages. Control of a situation. Drama, turmoil. Physical health and emotional well being.

In my own dreams the train always closely associates itself to the tornado and spiral. I'll dream it's trailing a smoking black tornado behind it as the rest of the train or coming out of the stack, or its tracks are spiraling or even roller coaster. I hear and see trains all the time though I've never actually ridden one more than once or twice. I've also had dreams where Jew's and Gypsies were being carried to concentration camps in them.
Despite the common meanings for travel and being at the wheel I think the train has much further meanings. The smoking stack and whailing horn, the rumbeling sound like a tornado is coming and the laid tracks and crossings. It's virtualy nothing but pure engine carrying load and will destroy anything laying in front of it. I think it carries some of the same meanings there, the tornado overwhelming, the spiraling course of feeling like a roller coaster ride. Loco-motion.
On the lighter side, as transportation it can prove to be the most relaxing and even more practicle than other means of hauling people and cargo. The train is the oldest land engine and perhaps could even lay the tracks into a more economically sound future of engines that run without fossil fuel.