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Common Activities
Or actions and events

The mothers womb is like the void and Great Mystery. Caves are the womb of earth where many things are given symbolic birth such as animals and man. Birth in dreams can represent giving life to new things, to be reborn or awakening, much in the same examples given around the dream book of the minstrel cycle or how the snake sheds its skin and the East. Giving birth can also represent vulnerability, anxiety and dependance. My own personal belief is what you give birth to represents what strength or awakening has been born or can symbolize needed strength such as how the queen of an ant or bee hive gives birth to the collective conscious of the hive need, her next larva producing the solutions. Consider what you have given birth to as a new child, something of yourself to nurture and embrace. The birth represents the beginning of a cycle at the closing of gestation, have you let go of the old stuff for the new things?

Can mean the path of life journey and desires and goals along the mile stones. Though in my own belief there is no true goal or an end to the road, elements in dreams of going down the paths can represent something to come like achievements. The path has different roads from trails to highways and from streams and creeks to rivers. In dreams like this consider the colors of dark or day, the path from easy and pristine to turbulent, from self to who is traveling with you or who you may meet along the way. Even consider which direction you are headed from East to North and what the land scape is from marshes or cities to mountains.

Travel has a few basics. It can mean from ones grounding and connection with the earth to ones spiritual connection with the sky. It can also mean levels of energy of sexuality.
The closer to the earth one is the more there is grounding and the child and feral self, from running on all fours to walking bare foot. The more material means that is used to travel represents less connection with the earth and more to the material plain from shoes to a bicycle to a car or a train.
Ranging up into the sky with flying and levitation in dreams, the closer one is to the connection of spirit, breath and in the sexuality, freedom. The more difficult it is to free fly or the body levitate represents the self reluctance, doubts and as my dreams put it to me 'trying too hard' because you aren't going to get anything in flight from trying, it just has to be. Then once flight has a be, it can become aerodynamic.

Victory: Taking Control and at the Wheel
Dreams of being the one who takes control of a situation or being victorious over enemies and animals in the hunt. Also dreams of being the driver, at the wheel of a vehicle are all symbols of one's own ability to be self-willed and leadership qualities. You are capable of being the charge of your own self and set the sails to your own destination. You shall achieve and your problem solving is just fine. You endure, persevere and recognize your own strengths if no one else does. In opposite is the feeling of being controlled and dependance.