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Plants Dictionary List

Brown, green and orange. Of the oak. Strength. Patience. Beggining.
Red, green and white, black seeds. Resource of pectine. Knowledge. Liberation. Growth, fertility, love. Abundance, good fortune.
Adam's apple. The Big Apple. Apple computer. Apple a day. Apple core, baltimore. Johnny Apple Seed. Book worm. As different as apples and oranges. Apple pie.
Yellow, green and white. Origionaly black seeds. Resource of calcium and carbohydrates. Knowledge. Richness, abundance. 
The origin of the word 'Bannana', comes from the Canary Islands and is a West African word from the Guinea as banema. The bannana origionates somewhere from Africa, India to China.
Going bannana's. Bannana's (money). Bannana (mind). Slip on bannana peel.
Rebirth and new life. East. Medicinal value. Birch bark scrolls.

Among some Native American nations corn bears the same importance and significance as the Sacred Pipe who came from White Buffalo Woman. Every part of the corn holds significance, down to each color that Indian Corn has and comes from Corn Maiden who has many stories among several nations from Hopi to Cherokee. In the west Corn Maiden can also be found in Kachina form. Universally corn teaches about the wisdoms of abundance and thanks giving.

Largely represents feminine principle, fertility and virility

Trees are the bronchial tubes of the breath of Mother Earth. They are capable of communicating with each other and are sensitive to all vibrations. They are a connection between earth and air and also utilize water and fire. By nature they are grounding and every part of them holds some significance. Among the Druids long ago trees held the same importance to them as corn does to the Hopi. When churches were built, the Druids had a different type of wood to service different reasons.

Celtic knots themselves could well be a profound understanding of the roots of the tree. Trees provide air and homes, when they die or are burned in forest fires they provide nutrients to the soil vital to new growth. Their roots themselves hold the earth together, balancing such occurrences as mud slides and avalanches. All trees hold different properties from nourishment with their nuts and fruits to healing abilities and other industrial resources besides wood such as gum, rubber and aspirin.

The creation of amber is from the ancient sap of pines which also holds healing properties and can relieve insect bites. Trees are in touch with the heart beat of the earth and the breath of the sky. They spread out their many limbs in sway with the winds rather than resist them and produce their leaves beyond the cool shades below them to attract the warmth of the sun.

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