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Places, Homes Prelude

Caves and Dens
Represent the womb of the earth. In ancient times our ancestors used some of the same caves and dens as the bats, lions, wolves and bears as the home or even as the burial grounds. It is the places where a circle began and like the mountains is a spiritual connection. The spiritual connection to the roots of the trees, the womb of the earth where mother bears and wolves shelter their young until their first age of coming out of the den to see the world in store for them. It tells of how all things created into physical manifestation return to the earth from whence they came. It is also representing of family unity, how humans began sheltered together in the womb of the earth, encircling the first fire.

Lodge and Wigwam
Among the totems being used to recognize family lineage some Native American nations also refer to their family and clans as a lodge or even a wigwam. There are very many types of the home, our dens to replace the cave and in the most universal sense this is the womb of our families and the first circle around the fire that was given to man. In some cases, few of which that can be found around the world anymore, the dwelling of home also included being a very spiritual place. Since such a thing there have become places of sacred gathering to commune with spirit and gather with the community from churches and temples to synagogues and certain lodges or places.

The Hodge Dream
I had a dream one time, before I had ever seen New Mexico, that I was in a painted land of red sand stones, mostly smooth and round along some mountains some where. I met a black woman who wasn't African descent. Her hair was very long and straight. I didn't know what she was but she was black as black. When I saw her living in this strange dwelling kind of sunk down into the stone the first thing she says to me is: "Do you have any chocolate? Where's the chocolate? I wanted you to bring me some chocolate." Then she seemed preoccupied with talking to someone else with me that I couldn't see about her chocolate. She was happy to see me though and exited, people never came around, they didn't know where she was.

My reply was, "How could you know about chocolate way out here?"

And she conveyed to me in different ways all at once in a response like: "How could you not know about me when I know about you." (Which is a response I've gotten from several dream guides, kind of like a "don't worry".)

Instead of going into her home that she kept insisting to me was a hodge and was very dark and rich with many things, we walked down to this one great stone that was rounding and slabbed and I noticed this deep indention in it like a belly button. I was fascinated with it and she seemed very happy to tell me about how it was a place where she ground flour and corn and things like that but nobody could recognize these places anymore and no one came here anymore to see this. Before then I thought people ground things like wheat inside places but this was outside and very old and exposed to all the elements. I thought I would go looking for records to bring a memory like this back to the peoples but I also felt troubled, because if people knew where she lived they might desecrate her home. In the same hand I felt like if people forgot and did things like walk right over it and never notice, the dwelling woman would never get her chocolate.

Ancestors Plain
There are places like this in dream time, and most often there are ancestors there in these places who teach with what was forgotten. Sometimes I will have these dreams about things like this just before I end up going somewhere that are like these places and ancestors, like a preparation. Some dreams I've had of homes and places are a whole other plain that is only, at least as far as I know, in the dream world. I think of them as the ancestors plain, the earth memory.

In one of these before I went to visit New Mexico I was in the western mountains along a flat plain with tall stones rising like pillars around a single river going from north to south on the western side of the land with the pillars around it. There were four. The men here were teaching me something about this that made me want to look into learning about Hopi prophecy. It was something about the people crossing this river would be a new age or another plain. Then they showed me a really strange ceremony they said was forgotten now but it looked something like the acrobatics of circus tumblers. They said it was a game like lacrosse. They wanted it to come back to the peoples. The Moon Lodge and Sun Dance has come back, but I haven't seen anything like this acrobatic game come back. Maybe the closest relation to it could be the Papantla Flyers.

Just as much as our homes and places of spiritual gathering, there are sacred places over the lands of the earth. We know about some of them like The Ring of Fire, Stone Circles and the Devil's Triangle but these are just among the very strong and most influencial of earths energies that we can notice. There are other places and smaller places and even subtle places no one even knows about that are sacred to the earth. Every place has energies, even our architecture created from our own hands, from the hospital to the movie theater.

For further about sacred home and places you can refer to the "Energies in Dreams" and "Earth and Elements".

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