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Mythical Beings and Gods

Mythical Beings and Gods
Universal Mythologicals
Among a universal human understanding from beliefs to folktales there are several different forms.
The Void
First is the understanding of the great, dark void that was just before all things became created. Beings and ancestors are credited to the creation of all the living things of earth, often with the participation of many animals such as how the sun is carried back up into the sky by different birds in different explinations, like how Raven gets his black.
The Flood
A second understanding is of a great flood that came over all the earth from Noah all the way to Hopi stories of living in underground water ways to survive one of the four changes of the world. Many of the different flood stories attribute birds to the finding of land from doves to kingfishers.
The Volcano
A third understanding is layerd in mystery. It could have been a time before the great flood but has to do with earthquake and volcanic erruption. It could have been the comet that hit the earth hard enough to change the earth, ending the age of the dinosaur. Perhaps even being the very reason the earth is tilted on its axis. Another such occurence is largely still only theorized and put to the shelf but it still intrigues me. As it goes the belief is that there was another great volcanic movement large enough to block the light of the sun with its ash for many years. It is believed that this was the onslaught of the mid-evil era. The dark age. The creature most attributed to both of these times from Europe to Asia to the Americas, is the dragon.


Enchantment. Imagination. Wisdom. Hidden treasures. Gate keeper and guardian. The cosmic. Creation and destruction. Resurrection. Elemental power and connection; earth, wind, water and fire.

The Cosmic Dragon
My own search of the dragon begins in Europe where the tales tell of flying dragons who could breath fire, reigning down destruction on farmlands and villages. In China they were believed to be causes for rain and drought according to their growth and stages of cycle from rising to the sky to coming to the earth.

The sacrifice of the virgin maiden, which among apples and sheep, is his favorite meal of the European dragon and the knight testing his bravery by killing a dragon and then eating of its heart. There are stones such as the heart or brain of the dragon turned to stone that is attributed to having great magical power. In some of these tales the places of the dragon's lair were given to where steam would escape from caverns within the rocks from natural hot springs, some of which also produced films of sulfur for a nice and nasty smell.

The European dragon, separated from the sea serpent, is a connection with the earth in the underground lairs where hell is thought to be amid all that steam and sulfur, sleeping here on a nest of hoarded treasures. It's connection with the sky is the astrological Draconian, very possibly giving way to the reigning down of comets upon the earth.

Dragons in particular tell of the earths birthing pains such as in quakes and volcano and astrological movement. They have a close relation to the Gaia aspect as a guardian or gate keeper, symbolizing a wrath of why one should not fool with Mother Nature, they hold energies together of special places like stones do. Their tales come from folklore abroad, from Europe, China to the America's, many of them involving the dragon in the creation stories. It may well be a powerful force that has to do with the core of the earths close relationship to the cosmic. The Tao also closely relates the dragon to the Yen and Yang. Perhaps, an inspiring reminder we're all out in outer space after all.


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