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Places and Homes Dictionary List

A Typical House

High ideals, upper levels of consciousness. Usually things are stored in the attic like childhood and elders belongings and seasonal decorations. For this reason the attic can also represent forgotten treasures and the examples of squirrel who might make use of your attic too such as storaging for winter. Some other creatures who share the attic are birds like sparrows, rats and bats.

The bathroom most commonly is a place of emotional release. There's the bathtub, shower, toilet and sink, all the representatives of water, cleaning, cleansing, releasing, shedding old for new as well as the sense of privacy. The bathroom can also be communing in a sense, as the symbolism of baptism, cleanliness next to godliness and serious contemplation while on the toilet. It's common for people to escape into the bathroom to cry.

If the pipes are clogged this denotes emotional suppressions while an over flowing toilet or sink denotes the need or desire to fully express. Things are going left unsaid.

Privacy, sleep, intimacy and sexuality. The bedroom best denotes the most private aspects of yourself. The bed represents comfort and security. Where we sleep is the room we rejuvenate, nuture and reconnect with the endless source.

The root cellar, like the attic going into higher levels of consciousness with air, the cellar climbs down into subconscious in connection with the earth. As the attic is hot and airy the cellar is cool, damp and dark. Originally it was used since ancient time as the refrigerator, beginning as a simple hole in the ground, usually  inside the home or cave with a slab of rock drawn over it as a means to store such as roots, herbs, foods and more classically, wines. The cellar can also represent the underworld and underworld tunneling such as the railroad system of the escaped slave, catacombs and river ways. It represents deepest subconscious and intuition where shadow self can also be present to represent suppressions. Going down to the basement level is classically used in visualization hypnoses as a means to reach subconscious without inhibition.

Any bones in your closet? Cleaning the closet. Coming out of the closet. Creepy closet. Closet of the self. Hidden things tucked away. In movies and childhood stories the closet, among windows and mirrors, is often a subject of  fears of the supernatural.

Doors symbolize a gateway to another side. Inside, outside, beyond side. The door is often referred to in symbolism of unlocking doors in self discovery, new opportunities, to let out the old things for renewal. They can also be a subject of anxiety towards the unknown and used as a means of understanding open portals.

The kitchen is the center piece of preparation, cooking and storing food, washing the dishes. It has come to replace the uses in ancient time for gathering around the center fire as the means to cook, prepare and nourishment within the family bonds. Often it's the center of the family gathering to bond while preparing the meals or also a favorite place to hold the worst arguments where venting can be more easily grounded, cleansed and cleansing. The kitchen is usually also a center of settling ones self in, making themselves at home and finding themselves a place in the family unit or asserting their position by cleaning and cooking, or even occasionally the mothers 'throwing of the pots'. The kitchen best represents in the spiritual sense of bonds, nourishment and perception. Smell, taste, touch and sound.

Living/Dining Room
The living room is sometimes combined as the dining room. The dining room also combines to the kitchen and is best representative as a center point of eating at the table or watching TV It's considered the main 'dwell' or den of the family unit and entertaining guests. It has much the same orientation as the kitchen only is a focal point of resting back for enjoyment and harmony. The cord phone is most likely in this area and arguments are less likely or will wander in transition between kitchen and living room, where living room is more of a place for calm and council.

The reflection of self, consciousness, knowledge and truths. Seeing into the mirror is abstract, noticing what you consider flaws and dislikes. Accept yourself, love and respect yourself. Don't judge so harshly. You've got enough opposition in the world without bringing yourself down.

Rising more popularly as the computer room as well. The study is a private area of meditations and creativity, the studio and the library.

The window of opportunity. Seeing. Perception. Insight, out look, levels of consciousness. A gateway.


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