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Aligator, Crocodile
Aligators, crocodiles and the few others in this family have changed very little over millions of years. They are a very ancient animal. They live in the water and on land, balancing their cold-blooded bodies between the cool waters and the warm sun. They build canals and make the use of small dens beneath the water along the banks or beneath branches. The females are attentive mothers who make mounds of mulch to lay their eggs in and the temperature within determines the sex of the babies. She'll guardian the mound and when the babies emerge they'll begin to call and head for the water. Normally the mother will come to dig them out and carry them in her mouth to the water where she'll guardian over them for the first stages of their lives. They use the waters as their primary homes, as protection and the territories they hunt in. They can prowl up on a potential prey in water as shallow as their own body height and then rise up to snatch them down and drown them. They use rolling to take off bits of the flesh since they can't chew.
Frogs are very sensitive to the ecological balance of water. Many regard them as bringers of rain as they mate during the rain and sing their songs when it begins to rain, sometimes starting just before the rain clouds come. In accounts of a bizarre phenomena abroad the world of animals falling down with the rain, frogs and their tadpoles have been among the most reported. Most frogs use poison secretion as their protection from predators, while some can make you very sick, others are very poisonous. Such as the poison dart frog has been used by hunters to poison the tips of their arrows to bring down small game like monkeys and birds much easier. Some frogs also try to puff themselves up to seem bigger than they are or become too big to swallow. Frogs eat a wide variety of insects and will live inside small wedges in trees, other plants and leaves or in logs and under rocks and roots. They mostly symbolize health, illness and well being. The rains represent cleansing of the earth and renewal just as crying is an emotional release that washes and replenishes.
Most lizards, including the gecko represent dream journey and can help in learning about ones own dreams and how to learn through dreams. Like the bear, the lizard is a sort of dream keeper. Their tails easily come off and can be grown back. Some lizards change colors in accordance to background and heating or cooling. In most cases for lizards black and brown are the cooling colors and green and red are the vivarent, heating colors. Many different lizards carry their own special and different meanings and teachings but mostly they represent things like understanding and travel in the dream world, regeneration and the wise distribution of energy.
Snakes are a masculine and phallic symbol of power and healing. They are virtually all one long back bone with a skull on the end and nothing but muscle. At one time they were lizards but found it more efficient for them to loose the legs and slither. They periodically, in cycles, shed their skins which represents a regeneration, rebirth, awakening and transformation quality. They see with the use of their tongues in taste and smell, in terms of heat. Snakes also represent the life force and will power, mind over matter and faith which has a dual nature. Snakes carry great wisdom about power, healing, protection, new life and also about deception. From rattle snake can be learned part of the teachings of the rattle which is a warning sound and an evoking, cleansing sound.
Shed the old skin. Snake in the grass.
As Eagle represents Father Sky, Turtle represents Mother Earth. The America's are known as Turtle Island from the stories of how Turtle carries the earth on her back in her journey through the stars. Central America represents how the two turtles meet at their heads and lock together by their mouths. Like the frog, the turtle is also of the water element but they emerge on land to sun dry or lay their eggs. The turtle's shell has thirteen segments, representing the thirteen moons and is in a shield or circular shape, also they lay eggs which encompass meaning of the circle and creation. Turtle tucks her head and legs in to evade predators and sinks deep into the mud. Turtle teaches of life and death cycle, emergings and endurance. They eat a wide variety of creatures and plants which also makes Turtle one of the teachers of herbalisms. Turtles also carry the understanding of taking ones time in things, the value of not getting into a big hurry and the heart beat of the earth. Turtle teaches of how silence is listening and knows the wisdom of speaking with ones heart rather than their head.