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Mystic Past, Present and Future

Past: Life? Earth Memory
I don't seem to have a very good compass for the past either. Some dreams seem simple enough to me about dreaming my own past, the places and people there. Maybe I have some cord there being hard to let go of or something in my present pertains to the same, or my memories are letting go of some steam or other such elements.

I can't seem to account for dreams about past I never been in though such as dreams like I'm in Germany during the Nazi war, running from the Nazi's down cobble stone streets or witnessing events, some that I never even heard of occurring from the witness accounts in history. I've had others of being in other past times but I'm not really big on past life. I believe in reincarnation, I just don't see what would be important with me remembering any of them. I think that sometimes, perhaps, I am having these past dreams that are earth memories.

The voices of people are never forgotten by the winds or the earth, for where ever they can be recorded they remain in the winds, the earth, the spirits and ancestors and in the heart of the cultures who descend them. It is said when a tree finally dies after all its centuries, it is possible for the spirit of it to be seen there for ages. I had heard of also somewhere, that a vase from the Ming Dynasty was played of its sound by some technology, like you do a record player, and the voices of people could be heard.

Present: Dreaming Mystic
Possibly related to remote viewing. I haven't yet heard of anyone else who can do this but I have dreams where I am experiencing or 'seeing' what someone else close to me in one way or another has going on in their present life. I can't speak of any of these for the sake of sacred space and the very last thing I'd want was to be thought of as an invader of other peoples sacred space and right to privacy. (I don't care if you think I'm crazy.)

Some examples I can safely tell of though are like I had a dream my brother had a fly in his stomach and it was making him very ill. When I called to ask him about it he told me about the intense stress he was under at the moment and it was making him sick to his stomach. In another instance I had a dream about talking to a friend of mine while I watched them try to fix the chain on their bicycle in the garage, miles away. When I happened to mention this to him he said he had indeed been doing that very thing.

I also relate dreams like this towards where I dream of people who have passed away and come by for a visit like some Farscape's Stark thing or John Edwards "Crossing Over". I had it occurring before but never really recognized it until my mother past away and she was all over my dreams, in some cases trying to get me to give instructions to the family. Such as she told me to tell my father about a piece of paper stuck up behind the drawr of a chest of drawrs. I told my father about it and much later when I brought it up again he told me how he had found an important receipt he was looking for in that spot.

It was a horrible time though and I couldn't handle this dream time with my mother and kept trying to stop it. My father was having the same nightmares that my mother was insisting she wasn't dead and sometimes it would be much worse about her body's deterioration, I couldn't take it. It took a long time to find peace here, for all of us, after my father past away three years later is when it began to get better. It could have been a much easier process if I had known things like this could happen and how I could handle them.

Since present time now there's been a dream or two my dream guides have gotten me to help difficult cases 'cross over' I guess. Problem childs who like to hide under things like. I dunno. I used to have dreams where I would hide up under things like cars and tables from my dream guides which came to a stop when my mother passed. She knew just how to find me. So it could be the same thing or some other one being impossible.

I feel that it must be something else our ancestors could do, to communicate on a distance, perhaps let other relatives know some warrior gone for a while is okay or as a means for the shaman to look for things to help in healings and councils, maybe even before someone has arrived to ask for help. I'm sure somebody knows what this is.

For the other part I don't really know what to think. We have this thing called astral shells, remaining energy of ourselves even after we have died. This is also apparently the body we use in outer-body-experiences or astral travel. Perhaps some transcend the mortal coil - but do not carry their spirits into the light until they have resolved issues they couldn't leave behind. I believe my mother's was my father. She told me everything is transitional as an explanation to me in one dream, and this was how her spirit was still around. Like she was at this bus station ... waiting for my dad before she was going to get on.

Well you might not be able to see into the future but your dreams can. More often than not they are about the path you are walking down, just a mile stone or two forward. In dreams a circle is encompassed as a whole: past, present and future. Most of the time these precognitive things are a little pitch forward related to a path having a past and present like if it were tarot cards or the weekly forecast weather report. It can relate to a great desire or even a goal or determination leading you. It can relate to your journeys in all senses and learnings of wisdom. It can also represent growths, changes and guidances within and for the self.

In a larger scale dreams can be precognitive of ones own sensitivity to the earth, societies and loved ones and spiritual guidance providing some greater understanding of whole by what is to come. Peeks at the future in dreams are best left to ones own interpretation, what symbolisms and dreams that speak of such forecasting is pretty much only what you would be most familiar with to understand the meanings. Generally however you can pretty well guess a good dream and specific colors will tell a short future peek is going to be a well venture. If some little voice is heeding warnings, the eight ball says, they are best taken.

I once dreamed of this woman shawl dancer, in a red shawl, dancing inside the presidential white house with the drummers circled outside of her. About three days later there was on the news a gathering of Chiefs on the white house lawn while Clinton was president.