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Stone, Mineral Meanings Dictionary List

Stones, Minerals
connections in energy to earth and man in body to spirit. They hold the energies of places together, align and tune.
Gems and Jewels
Are a reflection of spirit, divine light, representing truths, wisdoms, wealth, abundance, brilliance and inner treasures. Most of these stones also have healing, protective, grounding and magical qualities and are often used in crafts or cared for and kept for their 'personalities' and the way these energies align with a human being. The very stones themselves can have affects on us mind, body and spirit.
The searching of/for jewels can represent the spiritual quest


Dream Stones
I haven't found any cross references for these yet but I'll give them my best guestimate when I come back to them.

Animate Stone
Stones and boulders that move of their own accord.

Glowing Stone
Stones that are shining or glowing.

Singing Stone
Stones that have a musical tone, sing or talk.

Shapeshifter Stone
Stones that change into something else.

Stones to Dream by
Some ideal stones for keeping at ones bedside for nightmares, though I wouldn't necessarily say all at once.
Rose Quartz, Hematite, Moss Agate, Amethyst, Obsidian, Jade


Meanings in Stone
Almost all stones will have some healing, balancing, grounding, cleansing and toning quality with different properties of enhancing, tuning or strengthening different properties of mind, body and spirit.

Different agate's have different qualities but generally they enhance the qualities of other stones affect and mean balance, protection and connection.

Mineraloids. Fossilized tree sap. Yellow to orange and often found with insects inside. Emotional calming, harmony and healing. Confidence and clarity.

Quartz. Shades ranging in purple with a clear base. Yellow to orange is citrine. Dreaming, spiritual tuning, soothing. Ending addictions.

Silicates. Blue variety of beryl. Blue to bluegreen (aqua). Calming, soothing, strength and control. Relieves fears, orienting and clarifying.

Carbonate, minor ore of copper, cousin to malachite. It is a deep blue (azure).
Receptive, metamorphis, inspiration. Mental clarity and tuning.

Silicates. Varies in color. The green beryl is emerald and the blue is aquamarine. Energizing, stress release. Mental balance, clarity and focus.

Carbonate. Limestone. Color varies and meanings will vary with the colors. Release of the old for the new. Centering, balance, grounding, protection.

Earth connection, healing, prayer.

Elements. Gold to green, metallic. Arthritis relief, physical healing and well being.

Elements. Carbon. Varies in color. Diamonds are the hardest substance found in nature. Esteem, assertion, clarity.

Silicates. Green variety of beryl. Physical healing and well being. Harmony and expression.

Calcium floride. Halides. Varies in color. Brings order from chaos. Manifesting dreams into reality. Balance, healing and well being.

Silicates. Varies in types and colors. Emotional and sexual. Creativity and cleansing.

Geode's have an outer shell, once cut in half they reveal an assortment of crystals within of various colors and types.

Elements. Golden to yellow. Mountain gold contains green.

Iron Oxide. Ore of iron. Steel to silver gray to black, metallic. Mental. Grounding, balance, meditation. Relieves headaches, high blood pressure and insomnia.

Elements. Steel gray or black.

Variety of jadeite and nephrite. Color varies. Emotion, expression. Healing, well being, balance, protection, dreams.
Productive energy, clearing blockages.
Lapis Lazuli/Lazurite
Silicates. Blue to violet to greenish. Knowledge, awareness, harmonizing, introspection.
Carbonate. Banded light and dark green. Relieves distress, clears emotional blockage. Physical healing.
Intuition, reception, stability. Moon connection. Emotion and Mental.

Mineraloids. Mostly silicon dioxide. Belonging to the lava flows when they have contacted water and made this type of glass. Color varies and is most popularly depicted in the arrow head.
Grounding, balance, stability, objectivity.
Apache Tears
are naturally smoothed and rounded obsidian, representing the tears of the people during the long walks and trails of tears.
Grief. Ending addictions.
Mineraliods. Color varies. Emotion, creativity, balance.
Color varies. Pearls are made by clams when a single grain of grit gets into their shell. Pearl is also the form of rainbow colors lining most shells such as the abalone shell. Faith, wisdom, clarity, integrity, cleansing.
Variety of ovaline. Shades of green. Sometimes mistaken as emeralds. Regeneration, cleansing old for new.
Petrified Wood
Is produced when a tree has died and mineral deposits have settled into the wood and preserved its original form. Earth connection, meditation.
Quartz. Clear. In the quartz family is also smoky, milky and rose quartz, citrine and amethyst. Amplification, reception.
River Stone
Healing, balance, well being, centering, cleansing. Change. Washed over and shaped by the waters.
Rose Quartz
Healing emotional wounds, gentleness, love.
Red variety of corundum. Confidence, vitality, sexual energy. Emotional amplification.

Sand Stone and Pipe Stone
Peace, wisdom, truth.
Variety of Corundum. Color varies but is most popularly blue. Cleansing and enrichment.
Silicates. Olive green, yellow, golden, brown, black.
Largely a resource of calcium. Intuition, sensitivity, imagination. Promotes growth.
Elements. White with exposed specimens tarnishing black, metallic.
Silicates. Blue, white, gray, green. Creativity, reasoning. Physical healing, immune system. Cleansing.
Tiger Eye
Self discipline. Perception. Balance of masculine and feminine. Confidence and practicality.
Phosphates. Greenish blue to sky blue. Balance of masculine and feminine. Cleansing, healing, protection. Absorbs negativity.

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