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Earth and Element
Earth in dreams is not so far a cast from physical body. Like the physical body the earth is its own entity with physiology, dreaming and births. The very core of the earth is a molten mass of lava that is constantly moving and this movement shifts the plates of earth above where earthquakes are born. In free spaces the molten rises to the surface of the earth and bring forth the volcanoes where land is born. All the components of the earth make up the same physiology as the human body. Dirt or clay itself can provide man all the nutrients his body needs to survive.
The health of the earth is determined by the ecological balance of all things. If the wind is bad such as air pollution, global warming and holes into the atmosphere are the result. When forests are laid down air cannot be produced and in these factors the earth cannot breath nor in turn provide us breath. The waters are the earths blood. When the waters are polluted the blood of the earth is poisoned and in turn animals die and people are poisoned with dis-ease. When the land is polluted it is the body of the earth and the collected poisons sink down and get into the waters or rise up from earth and water and get into the rains like it is cancer. The affects of the ecology are felt down to the very core of the earth and this is the reason some speak of the Earth Mother's Birthing Pains.
Where man is headed at this time with ecological pollution and over expanding is as simple as cutting a tree down. That tree can no longer provide what it was doing, such as if it were holding the ground together, and without it there is a land slide or global warming melts the ice glaciers and all over the earth the ocean level rises. Humans can go as far as level entire mountains into flat land and drive whole species into extinction. Try to imagine extinction or a pestilence on a microcosmic level, and then thousands of species of animals and plants once plentiful suddenly abandon us and there's not enough left then to feed us all. It's a whole other story to loose something at the bottom of the food chain.
It is only natural that we'll someday face the earths changes in birthing pains. It is a time the earth will reclaim herself in the struggle to survive her dis-ease. Earth dreams can speak of such things but they also tell, as I get reminded of sometimes, of hope. The ending of one thing, is always the beginning of another.
The earth best represents the body and grounding, creativity and making things tangible.

Among dreams also are the different meanings to stones and stones are connections to earth and man in body to spirit. Their energy is ancient, constant and variable according to what kind of stone they are. I have heard of cases where people tried to move great stones and then became physically ill, then in their search to understand they found out they had to move the stone back where it was on the land. Stones are like this, they are keepers and contain energy like conduits and grounders. In so very many cases they hold the energies of places together. They also hold earth memories like history books and special tones and certain voices.

You can find more on stones, gems and jewels in Stone, Mineral Meanings List

Caves and Dens
Represent the womb of the earth. In ancient times our ancestors used some of the same caves and dens as the bats, lions, wolves and bears as the home or even as the burial grounds. It is the places where a circle began and like the mountains is a spiritual connection. The spiritual connection to the roots of the trees, the womb of the earth where mother bears and wolves shelter their young until their first age of coming out of the den to see the world in store for them. It tells of how all things created into physical manifestation return to the earth from whence they came. It is also representing of family unity, how humans began sheltered together in the womb of the earth, encircling the first fire.

Are considered the breasts of the earth. Mountains represent the spiritual path and self, the 'going up the mountain' of vision quest to a spiritual connection and enlightenment. Like the woman's breasts the spiritual mountain can represent the connection to the endless source, the mothers milk providing like the umbilical cord before birth for the crying child.

In Tibet many villagers make pilgrimages up the mountain to the temples of the Buddhists by crawling and inch worming their way up. Of mount Senai in Israel the people take off their shoes to climb barefoot up the harsh summit after the way Moses had a vision and was told to take off his shoes on the holy ground. In vision quest among many Native Americans the seeker goes to a circle up the mountain and goes without food or water, trialing himself much like the Sun Dance, until he has received his visions. It symbolizes the way we struggle with ourselves and our lives in the Teaching School of our waking journey, to temper and enlighten the spirit. In the case of the Sun Dance and vision quest it is like how the woman has her minstrel cycle and suffers in giving birth. Because of this it's considered women do not need to do these things because they already suffer with giving birth and every Moon Time is at a peak of great energies that had collected to prepare for fertility. These things symbolize how the spiritual sense of suffering through trials and tribulations of or through devotion brings the spiritual self rapid growths and awakenings.

The mountain beings in my own dreams are ancestors of the mountain ranges like the Kachina if they aren't Kachina and I just don't know that much about them. They are related to the clouds, the caves and the stars and seem like angels without wings or keepers. I've also had dreams of being in mountains of South America with the Black Panther shapeshifter woman but I haven't found yet what people there know about her. I'm sure they do.

The wind and air, earths breath, is the most common representation of the carrier of sound. The breath of life brings circulation into to the blood stream and the mind. Our most natural way to breath is from our stomachs even though throughout the day in our lives it ends up in our chest and the stomach gets all tensed up. The air of the world circulates and provides us the shielding dome of atmosphere and ozone layer. From the waters moisture rises and collects and the clouds are made, collecting and moving along the high wind currents until there is enough moisture and components to provide the rain.

Air best represents communication and the intellectual mind. On the winds carry clairvoyance and clairaudience. The breath of life fills and circulates through our body, nourishing all parts. To be strangled is to feel like one cannot speak and to be one with the winds is an exhilaration and freedom like the eagles wings, as if one could touch the very sky.

The clouds of the sky are most unusual beings to me sometimes. Sometimes, they can come as low to the ground as tree tops and speed across the air and make turns like a space ship to meet with another cloud, join it like two cells merging together, and then speed off from there into another direction. Sometimes to me, it looks like the clouds are thinking or are little angels.
Sometimes, like the rain clouds, they look like great worlds and mountains floating in the sky, trailing the gray down from their flat end, filled with lightning in every mound like tongues of dragons. Sometimes, they look like a kingdom of entity and I feel like I know them in my heart. They also make rainbows.
It is said of clouds that they are like clouded vision in meaning, then the sun or moon crests one side in a brilliant, fine outline and then like a whisper is revealed. I also think clouds in meaning are like dreams of the earth carried into the sky, like a thought or like wings. A puff, a mist, a fog, they're like an intangible profound that can be seen and felt. So perhaps it also means when they say such as the clouded vision, it can also mean a clouded heart or mind, though such mists and clouds can be mysterious being in of themselves.
All the twisters are a whirlwind of chaos of emotion. They are said to be like the finger of God coming down and sweeping across the earth, laying destruction every where in their path. In the center of these great whirlwinds, twisters, tornadoes, hurricanes, down to the smallest dirt devil is an absolute stillness just like the whirlpool. They can be an example of how one may feel as if they are destroying everything in their path as they walk. It can show how emotional turmoil can stir up such a big wind and dark sky, but the guides tell the only true place to stand and face the dream tornado is to be still, at peace, in the center, grounded and let go of fear.

Water is the blood of the earth. From the mountains it carries down into the streams and from the streams into the rivers like blood veins and the nervous system. All rivers lead to the ocean where all of life began. Like a dream the earth was having life started in her waters, like a woumb fertilized with the dreams of lifes essance from the very beggining of the beggining.
In the waters are our deepest thoughts and emotions, our dreams are born from the oceans of our subconsious mind, to release debris from our depths and some of it, to carry into our waking lives. This is the creativity and fertility of the emotional plain, from our bodies, into our minds and through our voices, delving and blending so subtly into the emotional tides.

Rain pours down onto the earth, cleansing and washing away much as how the ocean washes debris ashore. Rain is representive of the earths tears, of how crying releases us from debri and cleanses our spririt and hearts.

Fire belongs to the creation and spirit of the earth. It is wild with power, energy and vitality, centering in the very core of the earth. From lightning striking down the forests are awakened with fire and cleansed of all there is to make new. When lava rises it is cooled by the waters to become still and the steam rises into the sky. When we look into the campfire we look there into ourselves, our spirits. Fire best represents the life force, will power and vitality of being aware, the presence of spirit in the things that we do, strive for or believe in. From the ashes of the old, cleansed away things arise the new forests, arises the morning sun and the dance.


The sun is a masculine principle though some cultures have and still do regard sun as the feminine and the moon as masculine. The sun and moon are receptive to both aspects. The sun's colors are gold, red, orange and white. The firey sun is a hot and volatile star with curls of solar flares, some large enough to affect the earth which really isn't all that far away in its gravity pull. At one time in the ancient long agos, even before there were the civilizations of Aztec and Egyptian, man understood the sky and stars, time and math far better than we do even now with all our devices.

It's still a jumbled mystery but in dreams the sun and light, like the gold of the sun are good things about goals, awareness, spiritual connection and positive energy. The sun's cycle rises in the east, zeniths at about noon as its south and sets in closure to the west as the moon is rising. The sun also changes in its equinox position over the centuries and has cycles of eclipse when the moon passes in front of it.

Both twilights represent in between worlds, like the point between dreaming and awake or in the walking of in between two worlds like the material man plain where most people are sleeping and what is around it, where there are others who are awake or peeking. The twilights are the transition realms of the shapeshifter and the vast, beautiful colors of the horizons. It represents coming into the maturity of the west, or arising from the darkest before dawn into the waking sun.

At least in my dreams the orange of the sun or when the daytime of the dream is orange it represents to me times of earth prediction about the earth changes, the future, or sometimes it is a very strange journey that seems more real than real, like seeing things with the eyes of the bee. I don't know if that is lucid dreaming, I don't really know much about it. So far I think lucid dreaming is just a new-ish technique or dream work being adopted.

The moon is feminine principle. The moons colors are white, shadow blacks, greys, silver and mystic blue. The moon is a little more complex than the sun in travel than in body and has the obvious cycles more frequently. While the sun nourishes growth and the body such as producing calcium and produces heat and light energy as the earth revolves around it, the moon revolves around the earth reflecting the light of the sun and its energies are not as obvious. The thirteen full moons produce even faster growth among plants and mental activity among other energies in humans than what is usual. If you want to get pregnant the full moon is the best time. The forces of the moon also work in the control of the tides of the sea. Even on land where there is no sea the moon is producing the same ebb and flow influence.

The moon is often associated with night time romance from lovers walking hand in hand along the moon light to Kokepeli playing his flute at night to courtship the ladies into sneaking out to meet him. The moon tends to bring to the night the sense of a deeper energy  and mystery working within, the night creature totems inspire shapeshift, dream world, seeing of the hidden things like extra sensory perception, trusting the intuition and empath and the in between world of life and death. It is a time when the little children should be asleep and the family unit gathered around the fire to tell stories and pass wisdom as the crickets and frogs chorus, the wolves and coyotes howl and yip and the cats prowl. The moon in dreams can represent such energies and things. From the moon within can be the reflection of the feminine energy.

The moons cycle goes in phases to which I've added my own ideas about energy cycle, mostly pertaining to what I think about my own menstrual cycle.

1. Full moon
(new energy full apex)
2. Waxing(growing) gibbous,
(ovulation, apex energy detached/released, new energy seeds planted)
3. Last quarter,
(apex energy dissipating, new energy rooting)
4. Waning(shrinking) cresant,
(apex energy final stage to gone, new energy sprouting)
5. New moon,
(new energy leafing)
6. Waxing cresant,
(new energy maturing)
7. First quarter,
(new energy budding)
8. Waxing gibbous
(new energy flowering)
Returning then again to full moon.

Stars represent travel, in that sense they are gate keepers. Stars have long provided man with guidance in direction, to ships before he gathered longitude and latitude. They have shown him the beings in the universe, the more complicated maths and the other planets and their astrology.

In dreams the distant star is like a falcon. It sits on the branches high above and one wonders if they can attain it. They climb the mountain to find the falcon who always seems just as far away as it was when the journey started. Then in a sudden stretch of the wings the falcon takes flight and swoops and is upon ones shoulders. Star teaches a thing about distance, how something can seem so far away and unobtainable yet is always there, within and without.

I once had a dream where two aunts I didn't know but was having a few dreams of at the time were observing me and then one turned and threw a night star at me. The star permiated my entire mind, in my mind I saw nothing but a brilliant white light that didn't hurt but was really very startling because it was entire. In it was an invitation to travel any distance as if it were an instance but I didn't take it because I was afraid that it meant I would die. It was during a time my sleep was really being a problem and I felt like I was going out-of-body but this frightens me and I don't want to use it. Any time I would catch myself and realize I was astral walking through the house or something I would run back to my room and try to wake my husband up or grab my own toe to try to wake me up. Plus the spirits kept pulling me completely out of my bed to the floor and tangling me up in my sheets but I would wake up and still be in bed. I think the aunts must have been doing something like a final straw to fix my fears and find alternatives.

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