A Spiritual Madness
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The Dark Night of My Soul
A Spiritual Madness
Altered States
Never Silence in My Hell
A Quiet Path
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Dare to Breath
Spider Keeper and Praying Mantis
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Respect, Trust, Sacred Space

Returning back to a normal self in the last drawing, the weaving through the center in 8 remains, the green representing a new growth, realization and expansion here. The dots within represent a remaining flow that goes in and out rather than one way.

The tapestry in the waking world returns to the outer most circle.

The orange dot plains have returned to a fairly normal state but are still in the awareness. The large orange dot inside as opposed to the small orange dot outside is representing demension once again, with the inside dot being larger to represent a growth in awareness of these other realms.

The large horizontal circle of light blue is where perception has returned to normal

But the smaller pink, sacred space remains cross sectioned, 8, with orbiting gold and greed dots expanded out from it up to the larger light blue circle to represent the potentials and remainders of growth, new flows and perception and altered states.

The red lines around the sphere of the self like it is shining represents illumination of the enlightenment, growth and transformation recieved. Or, feeling like one has had a "spiritual enema", to quote Jool from Farscape.

The small red circles representing the balance and polarity come back closer in, representing a restoration and change in and of a sense of stability and balance.


Ascent and Descent