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A Spiritual Madness
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I did this example more or less after a dream I had.

In the dream this man ascended into the top story of a building but as he was leaving the ground it was kind of like the Matrix movie. He left his body behind him and started to become a skeleton. When he, or rather only his skull got to the top floor he became the "true" version of himself. There were others here in the loft he knew before and he could now see that even though they were grown and nearly the same, talking the same, some of them, in a spiritual sense, were only children.

The picture here is a little complicated, I had to add what I was thinking about Spider Keeper and Praying Mantis. The 8's. It's really more profound and complicated in the shapes than I can fathom to get into, but this is a mild, basic concept of what I think about our descent into the human body and third demension or, our waking world around us as we perceive it in our bodies.

The yellow upside down and right side up triangles:
These triangles inside a circle that coils represents the spiral within creation. Above the blue line from the universe and below the blue line from the earth connection.

On the other side of the light blue, concaving line, is a hexagram inside a circle, representing the two coils in parallel to make an 8 weaving.

Three green circles
Next to the top yellow triangle is two green circles making a third one in the center, with two pink circles at the central points. This is to represent a less complicated version of the human spiritual awakening designs I drew and are above the blue, concaving line to represent our forms as in the universe, before descent to human form. Really, just a reflection of the tapestries that surround the spirit complexity.

The concaving blue line, represents the descent into the third demension, our waking world around us as we perceive it on a physical plain. The blue with pink dots in the center represents the physical body or third demension, with the pink dots representing beyond that, or ascension and fourth demension. Reletively like solids and vapors.

The shape at the bottom of the blue, concaving line I've used a much simpler figure from the spiritual awakening example drawings here of the self, to represent the 8 as the self and the surrounding outer sphere as the tapestry. It is the more complicated matter of the two inter connecting circles above, making a third circle in the center.


I'm just trying to play around with the new concepts I'm learning about other peoples theories and knowledge on the spiritual tones and fourth demension ascension, and third demension descent.

Basicly it is believed if one can raise the individual, spirit song, they can transend the material or third demension plain within the human physical form into the fourth demension. This is what I believe to be the highest evolutionary state for us, maybe before the sun goes nova, rather than the usual scifi that we get bigger skulls. Rather, we transcend the need to have a skull or brain to contain our knowledge ... or really, the need for some of these tapestries about reality and dream worlds around us in the human perception. It becomes, the spirit perception and the spirit knowledge.

That's kind of hard to draw, when things fall away from the tapestry they become disbursed like peeling a man out of his dream world into a loft as only his skull or throwing the spirit into a billion zillion particles like the way signals transfer from a big station into the single television ... and then getting all those particles to re-establish and become some sort of solid once again. And then doing such a thing within the context of human physical form. Like that movie "Powder".

There is another thing the spirit can do besides disburse into a billion particles if the 'orange bow strings' let loose and the tapestry is gone ... but what, is what I'm trying to understand right now.

How this stuff is coming together is really - wierd.