A Spiritual Madness
Do the Mapths
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The Dark Night of My Soul
A Spiritual Madness
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Never Silence in My Hell
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Spider Keeper and Praying Mantis
Do the Mapths
Respect, Trust, Sacred Space

I dunno why, just for the heck of it I guess. It keeps bugging me so here goes.

I drew these pictures of a sort of human, spiritual map of what we must look like, at least in my own perception and ideas and how that changes in a spiritual madness or awakening.

You can click on the smaller picture to get to a larger one with an explanation to them. I'm still trying to get to where I can draw some more pictures like things I saw or envisioned.

Do the Mapths: If you're wondering about that title, its what's left of all the crazy stuff I was doing with letters and words, writing backwards and forwards and mixing them all up together. And the voices would say things that sounded like several words all at once. They'd say things like "Do the maps/math." "I'll be afraid/afriend."
And Mapths is: Maps, Math, Paths - aside from S'p'am

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