A Spiritual Madness
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Links to Other Stories
The Dark Night of My Soul
A Spiritual Madness
Altered States
Never Silence in My Hell
A Quiet Path
The Great Gathering
Dare to Breath
Spider Keeper and Praying Mantis
Do the Mapths
Respect, Trust, Sacred Space

An assortment of links to interesting stories from other people of their own experiences, unusual but cool stuff, articles, visuals and links of shamans that I liked.

The Strange but Cool

The Blue Hammer

Weebles Stuff

Le Monte

People Telling Their Stories

Sacred Transformation

Reins of Wild Horses

The Healing Bridge

A Personal Story of Awakening

A Spiritual Quest

Wallace Black Elk: Article

Altered States of Art

Digital Blasphemy

Visions of Dreams


Rain Forest Photography

H.R. Geiger

Looking for the Shaman

The Split Horn

Warriors of the Amazon

Schizophrenia and Shamanism

The Shaman's View of Schizophrenia

Power of the Shaman


Celtic Shaman Universe

Divine Madness: Shamanic Dreaming

Lila: Grace and Madness

Nierica: The Sacred Doorway

Leslie Gray: The Woodfish Institute

Shamanistic Healing

The Teachings of Carlos Castaneda