A Spiritual Madness
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The Dark Night of My Soul
A Spiritual Madness
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Respect, Trust, Sacred Space

The first picture is of a normal human being in a spiritual sense. The very center is kind of yellow if you can see that. I used two blue dots above and below the complexity to represent the last two charkas on both ends. The orange lines that seem to X out from there are the weaving into the earth and universe connection, they also represent the outer world around us in the concave.

The pink circles rising up and down from within the blue circles where the arrows point up or down represent our reception and connection to the upper realm and lower realm.

The orange concaves or V-shapes, inside here are the blue circles and arrows. The blue circle represents another layer of reception and connection and then the space extending out to the orange lines of the V represents the in-flow as opposed to our own out-flow.

The four small red circles represent polarity and balance with everything. The closer they are the more we feel balanced, connected or 'real' and stabilized. Two being inside from the orange bow strings and two being outside represents masculine and feminine.

The outer most circle which is made up of blue dots represents the tapestry. Where the dots are not connected by lines represents the dream world and where the dots are connected as the outer most circle represents the waking world where the tapestry is most apparent.

Moving back in, the two orange dots on either side represent other realms or other worlds and realities around us. Being inside and outside as two dots on either side represents demension. The inside dot being the potential to see or perceive these other realms and layers of reality.

The two green vortexes represent the self's Chi with arrows indicating their flow with the self in balance with energy.

The larger horizontal circle in light blue represents our comfort zone of space and reality.

The smaller, horizontal, pink circle closer to the body represents our sacred space.

The lateral pink circle around the body represents the human whole.

Going in from there, there are more circles, 3 pink one's and then a yellow one. They represent the layers of the human spirit, the one just before the yellow one is the bow strings of the orange layer, surpassing each other just enough to concave the center yellow into a circle, representing creation, universe and connection and its balance and flow woven into the human being.

The very center yellow one represents the core of a human spirit.