A Spiritual Madness
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A Spiritual Madness
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Respect, Trust, Sacred Space

Moving on to the next picture, things have kind of exploded. This is my version of what happens or what we look like when a person has gotten into a spiritual awakening or spiritual madness.

The center shaft has become interwoven like a figure 8 in a sort of rainbow blue/green, where the flow is free and rushing through a person astronomically - like a great tsunami.

The orange bow strings have expanded, extending the connection, creation and universe.

The outer, larger, horizontal circle of light blue has become inter woven with an 8 as well, becoming cross sectioned with a flow of the perceptions of space and realities where the orange bow strings have also spilled out into.

The tapestry has fallen away from the waking world, no lines in the outer-most dots. With almost no dots present at all in the Universe and Earth connection above and below zones, to represent dreaming world fallen into the waking world where a vaster connection of in and out flow is occurring with Universe and Earth connection.

The orange dots have expanded into two parallel orange, horizontal circles, representing the other worlds, realms and plains of reality like the astral world and dream worlds.

The green Chi circles are missing their arrows with their lines crossing with the orange circles, representing a person's Chi energies becoming changed and inter-realmed and/or mulit-demensional as well.

The small red circles have moved out representing that the self now teeter-toters more pecariously with all the tides, realms and energies like a bobbing cork.