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Sound and Hear

Sound, Tone and Music

Have many sorts of meaning in dreams as there is music and one's response to it. The universe has a tone which stems from the very first creation from the void; sound. The heart of man and Earth Mother is in the sound of the drum. Our spirit responds differently to different spiritual sounds and certain music and tones can send us to spiritual places within ourselves. These vibrations are often subtle and mystical while in dreams yet others can envoke powerful forces or be as strong and nerve wracking as a thunder clap.

I once held a strange thing during a time I was hearing voices, where there was a vortex void  a few feet above my head and it made a constant, horrible sound like the passing of an airliner and very high squeaking metals like bad crashes, only it would never leave. I had some of these voices telling me how it was an example of the noise of human mind and how some people had these and could not close them. They were neusance, noisy people because of this thing and all of the negative energies that was all in it to make this horrible noise. The only way to close it was to get rid of things like rage to scream out because this was how it opened.

I do not have any credibility for that, it was just a strange time showing me strange examples to many things and putting me through all kinds of tests and trials. It was a time I was hearing all kinds of sound, tones, music and voices. Sometimes they would orchestrate into a whole ceremony that would sound almost like a night out in the country. They all each had a special voice and song or music which was their own unique voice in this - place ... but they would not give me one or let me have one. They said this was earned, not given, and then they took my voice away so that my own inner thinking voice had to be one of theirs if I could 'speak' at all. They wanted me to be as quiet as a Buddhist sitting in front of the Dali Lamma because they didn't like my mind and they didn't want me to have a mental voice of my own anymore but even when I was actually trying to obey and thinking I was doing well to silence my mind, I could hear nothing but them and there was no peace from it. Not even in going to sleep could I find silence in my self or sacred space.

We eventually ended up fighting near the end when I finally found or they finally found where they could at last corner Wolf and make her - indignant and show some fang and demand my sacred space and for respect. I have silence now though I can still hear and sense them back in my mind, they get stronger the more I try to talk about them so it is very difficult to tell of all the things I had gone through in that time.

Sound can be one of the most intimate voyages of mysticism. Sound can be very sacred, set mood, mind and even the body. Like a tuning fork. While I do think it is important to have silence in the mind, this can be achieved with meditation. It can be achieved with learning the drum or the flute in all of its whole in meaning and sound. The voices and all I was hearing each had their own special tone, voice and sound in the universe and this was how they could relate to me but they were also saying I didn't have one so I had to sit outside and not be able to join any of the reindeer games (Rudolph the red nose) and learn who knows what, before I could have one too. They said, I could never be one of them and they were not one of me. They said it allot but I have my own feelings we all have our own individual tones of our spirit in relation to the universe. The sounds we are most sensitive to by this relation can most easily soar us up high among the eagles to elate in the light of our higher power.